America's public servants are now its masters

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    America’s public servants are now its masters

    By Mort Zuckerman

    Published: September 9 2010 22:49 | Last updated: September 9 2010 22:49

    There really are two Americas, but they are not captured by the standard class warfare speeches that dramatise the gulf between the rich and the poor. Of the new divisions, one is the gap between employed and unemployed that President Barack Obama seeks to close with yet another $50bn stimulus programme. Another is between workers in the private and public sectors. No guesses which are the more protected. A recent study by the Mayo Research Institute found that “private-sector workers were nearly three times more likely to be jobless than public-sector workers”.

    Political tension is bound to grow when jobs disappear faster in the private than the public sector, just as compensation in the former is squeezed more. There was a time when government work offered lower salaries than comparable jobs in the private sector, a difference for which the public sector compensated by providing more security and better benefits. No longer. These days, government employees are better off in almost every area: pay, benefits, time off and security, on top of working fewer hours. Public workers have become a privileged class – an elite who live better than their private-sector counterparts. Public servants have become the public’s masters.
  2. The average Federal Government employee makes nearly TWICE as much as the average private sector employee.

    In addition, the Government employee has a more generous health care, retirement, and vacation package... AND... AND has his retirement benefits are GUARANTEED to be paid by the private sector employee..... even when the private sector employee may have none of his own.

    How can this be sustained? It can't. Revolution + street riots to follow, mark my words.

    And Obama wants to "redistribute the wealth"? Got news for you... it has already been OVERLY REDISTRIBUTED!! :mad:

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  4. Did you people ever hear of the Hatch Act.

    Government employee cannot participate in politics and cannot strike. In return they receive benefits which also severely restricts their top salaries.

    In return they receive job security in accordance to the rules of the Civil Service Commission, as well as cost of living raises (which of course Ronald Asshole Reagan decided to ignore and got away with it. See traffic controller strike.

    Of course if you are closed minded, you really aren't interested in this information about government service.:D
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    What we need is the Hatch-et Act! :D
  6. Citizens should NOT be allowed to vote for their own largess... that is, if you receive a "government check"... either as an employee of the government, or a tit-sucking parasite (your ass glued to your government subsidized couch drooling over Oprah, American Idol, and Dancing With The Stars... on your government subsidized big screen TV, in your government subsidized housing/trailer, snacking on your government subsidized/food stamps).... you should not be allowed to "vote yourself more at the expense of others"... :mad: :mad:
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    Let's try an experiment. Cut all government salaries by 30%. Cut benefits tied to salaries, such as pensions, by the same amount. See how many government employees depart for the private sector. I'll bet damn few do. Proving that the government is vastly overpaying and doing it with our tax dollars.
  8. It's funny how the Economic numbers of the last two weeks are being pushed by the media as getting better. Also, Obama came out today with the classic "FEEL, FELT, FOUND method. He Feels the countries pain and that he understands why the majority blame the DEMS, as they have been in controll for 2 years. (How about 4 years in the Congress knucklehead) But, he has found that the Economy is in recovery and he is confident.

    Right Before the Nov. Elections, the propaganda begins.

    Class warfare is a funny term. Because there is no "WAR". There will be no WAR, persa. If you'r wealthy (500k plus a year or more) you'r not worried. If you make (200k0-450K ) you'r pissed but not really worried as you can still afford the lifestyle that most can't. If you'r under 150k per year you are really nervous because your net worth is going backwards. And if you'r a typical american, earning 40-80k per year you know you'r fucked and will be in poverty if this economic path continues.

    Where is the War? The "Have's" have more options than the "Have nots" and the "Have Nots" vote people like OBAMA into office.

    Hence, the Term is "SELF DESTRUCTION" for the middle to lower class. Not Class Warfare. Like I said, the rich can still buy their toys and travel the world. The middle class are struggling. The war is not between classes. At least not yet.
  9. The "War" will be between the Government-Suck-Tits and the poor fools who have to pay for them... the private sector making half of what the suck-tits earn.
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