America's Outrageous War Economy!

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    sho-tim's most emailed story today was about how we've lost our collective minds with our predisposal towards war.

    The writer says:
    "We've lost our moral compass: The contrast between today's leaders and the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 shocks our conscience. Today war greed trumps morals."

    Gee, and stupid ol me thought that the founders would be outraged that we had an income tax system, that along with other taxes take up to fifty percent of a persons income, an inheritance tax that can take away over half a person's wealth, a commerce clause in the constitution being used to get into literally everything, public schools with God being kept out, a gigantic welfare state, and even more.

    I just didn't realize that all these things would have pleased the founders no end, but that these patriots that gave their lives and fortunes in a war to be free would actually be appalled at our wars.

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  2. We've worked GAAT for years as well as West Africa and Indonesia. The American people know what they need to know and the rest is a distractor. We live in a shitty world and it will get shittier. The war on terror will NEVER end. People need to realize that we are strategically positioning for the continuance of being THE superpower.

    I don't know about you, but I don't feel one damn bit "guilty" for having more than the other countries. I was lucky to be born here.....and lowering the bar to coincide with socialist europe, although inevitable, is something worth fighting.

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    Why is America "war crazy"? Actually it isn't... just the Gummint!!

    The two most powerful concepts for politicos to get elected and re-elected are, (1) to promise (and/or give the appearance of) that the people are or will be better off financially, and (2) to "protect the country"... even if a threat has to be manufactured in time for the next election.... you know, like "W's" Iraq..

    "War-ing" does both. If we're at war somewhere, the politicos can say "it's for our own good and safety".... the hoi polloi eat that up.

    When at war, the Gummint basically has a blank check for deficit spending. And though it's always inflationary, it supports the impression that the economy is doing well and therefore the people can believe they are doing better financially.

    Perhaps the coined phrase, "The business of America is war"... is not really tongue-in-cheek.
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    You make me sick
  5. I believe in all your statements except the highlighted one. The common misinomer in our society is that the architects of America were Christian men. That is very far from the truth:

    Not to mention the fact that if the forefathers of America were truly Christian men, why do the decendents of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington societies have 10x more black people in them than white?

    Like I said, I do agree with a lot of what you have posted, but just seeing that statement kinda tee'd me off.
  6. 377OHMS


    Funny how folks forget that terrorists from a rogue nation killed 3000 innocent men, women and children in lower Manhattan.

    Anyone who is vaguely familiar with U.S. history will appreciate that if you attack the USA your country and likely some of your neighbors are going to take a beat down.

    At Pearl Harbor no civilians were killed, just military people. We nuked Japan over that.

    3000 civilians killed and the U.S. just rolled up a couple countries and didn't nuke anyone. People around the world should understand the restraint that represents.
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    Umm, which rogue nation was that?
  8. Brandonf

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    Holland I guess?
  9. sho-tim


    According to an article at
    the founding fathers were overwhelmingly men that believed in God. Guess what? That's what I alluded to in my post. I didn't say anything about traditional Christians. You did.

    From the article:
    "While Christians can claim few founding fathers as fellow believers, the atheistic secularist can claim none. Not one of the significant leaders was an atheist, much less subscribed to the modern idea of secularism. Most appear to have been held to the classic “five points of Deism”:

    1. There is a God.
    2. He ought to be worshiped.
    3. Virtue is the principle element in this worship.
    4. Humans should repent of their sins.
    5. There is life after death, where the evil will be punished and the good rewarded. "

    I stand by the statement I made in the post. The facts back it up.
  10. There is a time for restraint. I don't think that time was the morning of Sept.12, 2001. That was the time to use the political capital of our wounds and send a very clear message to the world that we will not be injured with impunity.
    If we had taken about 3 Million off the planet on the morning of Sept.12th, 2001, we'd have spared ourselves all this "war" bullshit.
    While some world leaders would have publicly decried our nuclear attacks, many leaders would have been on the phone to GeeDub saying "Hey thanks!"
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