America's Opposition To Obama Heath Care Plan Hits New High of 56%!!!

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    The more Obama goes on t.v. to pitch this shit plan of his, the more America is against the bill. Keep up the great work shithead!!! lol
  2. Democrats will CRAM a bill through soon anyway... because they can.
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    Actually, they won't. Dumb shit Harry Reid keeps threatening to ram a bill through via reconciliation, but this won't happen for several reasons, such as: the majority of America is dead set against this legislation. If they tried to ram this bill through, the Democrats would be committing political suicide, and would pay the ultimate price in the 2010 & 2012 elections. Also, if they attempted reconciliation, this would allow the Republicans to strip that bill down drastically, and delay it for an indefinite period of time.
    Reconciliation is just a pathetic attempt by the Democrats to scare people. And why are they making this threat? Because they know they have Senators in their own party that will not vote for this bill. They know they must have Republicans on board in order for it to pass.
    Personally, I'd love to see the Democrats use reconciliation for this bill, as it would assure their political demise that much sooner, and make Obama a powerless president after the 2010 elections. :p
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    Obama is going to go into the history books as the Impotent One...

    He never had an overwhelming mandate to do anything.. he rode in on an 8 year wave of "hate Bush" and an economic crisis... and I think that Americans have awakened to what an "unfunded mandate" really is going to do to the country in the long run...
  5. Rasmussen, the only pollster ET knows about, strikes again.
    Some other surveys:

    1. Americans really do want health care reform

    "Ordinary Americans are for it. And physicians – the group with one of the biggest stakes in health care reform – are even more strongly in favor. (It’s odd how few polls have sought the views of doctors, those most intimate with the medical system.)"

    2. Support for Health Care Reform Stabilizing: NBC/WSJ Poll

    "In the midst of the president's heavy blitz in support of his health care plan, just 39% of Americans call it a good idea in a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll; 41% call it a bad idea. But that's slightly better than the 36% support and 42% disapproval in the NBC/WSJ survey in August.
    Similarly, 53% say the quality of health care will improve or stay the same under Obama's plan, up from 51% in August. And by a 45%-39% plurality, Americans say it would be better for Congress to enact Mr. Obama's plan rather than to leave the health care system as it is."

    3. Most would vote for single-payer

    "As of Friday afternoon, 593 respondents said they would vote for a single-payer health insurance option if it were a national referendum, while 130 said they would not. That's 82 percent of the 723 respondents who would vote for single-payer."
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    Thankyou! Gotta love the libertards trying to spin this off saying the majority of Americans favor this ridiculously stupid health care bill, when they clearly do not. I guess they can't handle the fact that the majority of America has absolutely tuned out the furor-in-chief!!! The more he goes on t.v. to try and salvage this disaster, the more people put him on ignore! I love it!!!! lol :p
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  8. If the president was white, the plan would pass easily.

    For a laugh, Forbes lists the states with the best and worst health care, and not surprisingly the the states with the worst health care are the ones opposing Obama's plan and have a relativley high rate of uninsured people as compared to the states with the best healthcare. Best-worst health care per state.
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