America's image abroad surges under Obama

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  1. Please.............gimme a break. The marxists like him.
  2. The President improves our country's image abroad and you guys still find something negative to say :confused:
  3. Who gives a shit? Really... Has there been any progress in any international matter he's been involved in, has he achieved any results anywhere in the world?

    Friends and foes, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, N, Korea, Russia, China, Israel, Arabs, Europe... they all totally ignore him, they all pay absolutely no attention to his words, demands and pleas. Of course they like him cause they can now safely ignore him and the US.
  4. Unlike Clinton and Bush Obama has called North Korea's bluff and he didn't pay them off to behave themselves like Bush and Clinton did

    Due to calling Korea's bluff and giving Korea rope to hang themselves China and Russia has been giving less and less support to Korea and has voted for sanctions against Korea that were pushed by The US.If the US has to act against Korea ,they wont have much support from China and Russia and the US will have full support from the UN unlike Bush in Iraq

    Somali pirates know better then to fuck with American ships

    The Iraq war is coming to an end

    We just killed one of Bin Ladens sons in Pakistan .

    If we have to act against Iran,unlike Iraq we will likely have the support of the Iranian people who now believe that they are being fucked over by their government. Achmadenijed is hated by his people now.I don't know if we can credit Obama for that but we are in a better position now then we were when Bush was in office
  5. I guess you call Bush's foreign policy a success with him allowing Korea and Iran to build nukes ,the Iraq war ,And the US being hated around the world