"America's Current Leaders Are Socialists"... Peter Schiff

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  1. July 17, 2009
    "... Our current leaders have very little in common with the people who founded this country. Their philosophy is rooted in one of socialism or Marxism. They think prosperity comes from government, from central planning. They don't believe in the free markets...."


    Politicos prefer Socialistic society. Government has more control... both of people's behavior (what they're allowed to do, how they do it, if at all) and of people's money.

    Even if Obama serves only 1 term, Socialistic legislation will be enacted which will be impossible to repeal.

    For his private war on prosperity and on personal freedoms, Obama will be regarded as the WORST president America has had to date.... even worse than Bush... try imagining THAT if you can. :mad:
  2. Actually our leaders r corporatist/globalist, and have been for quite some time.

    The generation that turns 18 at the end of Pres. Obama's second term will consider this as normal as paying 5 dollars for gas. They won't care, they will just wanna drive.:) :(
  3. corporatist/globalist is just another variant of marxism, except
    we will be the ones suffering while the elite oppress as they are
    in the process of doing now.

    apparently the writings of Jefferson and other freedom-lovers
    are something to be scoffed at by these vermin.

  4. I can believe it. The little asshole is just a tool to concentrate
    power in fewer and fewer hands.
  5. Well gigs, here's the real deal.

    The day that Obama stated that he wanted to give the Fed more power, I knew that I had cast my last vote in the general elections.

    I saw the game.

    The game is create a crisis, then solve it.

    W was allowed to run the country into the ground to the best of his ability, knowing that the people would react violently the other way. Anything with (R) or looked remotely like an elephant was tossed. So, Obama comes in and states up front, "we won".

    Someone said to us that we would b felled without a shot, I can't remember who it was, and am disinclined to google it.

    As a trader I simply refused to believe that the capital that matters was caught by this downturn. Nobody who trades should have been, and I believe that there are private pools of capital out there who don't need to report to the people. Non-structured type trading entities, who watched this market turn over and got rich. Because they knew it ahead of time.

    I believe they are presently marking up the market right now. The brainwashers in media r starting to say the recession is over. Puts are getting cheaper by the day. They will do it slowly so as to fly under the radar. Then wham bam and the people will not know what hit them, besides the fact that boomers will not be retiring like they thought.

    Pres. Obama has no control, he is smart enough to know it. The people will love him for his historical significance, and even if he doesn't do well, he was handed a mess of epic proportions and it will b written that this President did the best he could with what he had. There is no way history will reflect that our first African American president sucked ass.

    So, he is set. His speaking fees and book deals r already done. Movies will b made about him. All he has to do is chill, serve the system, and wait.

    As for the rest of us, we need to think about if we can get out, and if so, to where?

    The endgame is, I believe, to destabilize the nation into a Balkans type situation. It is working well. Class warfare can b waged out in the open now, with impunity. Minorities against non-minorities. Muslim vs. Christian. Goldman Sachs(Jews) against whites, hillbilly and hood rats vs the Waltons and the Huxtables, old vs. young, gay vs. straight.

    While we infight, they tighten the noose until one day we wake up and turn on our ipods, PC, TV, cellphones and hear.........

    We r the Borg.........Resistance is Futile.:D :D :) :mad: :( :( :(
  6. " We will bury you without firing a shot"

    Nikita Krushchev Soviet Premier
  7. That's it. Krushchev.

    Wow, I never thought I would c the day when I actually had to sit down and think about that rather than dismissing it out of hand.

    The problem is that some of u think that Obama has something to do with this. Look behind the policies, and try to figure out how an unknown politician came to the sudden front and crushed his competition.

    That's the real question.