Americans Splurge on IPads While Broke in New Abnormal Economy

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  1. Eat, drink and make merry for tomorrow we may die. It would seem that everyone has pulled out their bucket list.
  2. Old habits die hard. IPads in your knapsack, Chevy Suburban's in your driveway, and 60" HDTV w/surround sound and blu-ray in your living room do not constitute wealth.
  3. At the Woodfield Shopping Center in Schaumburg, Illinois, Michelle Rodriguez, 39, a part-time cafeteria worker at a local high school, said she cut back considerably after losing her old full-time job two years ago as a receptionist at Kraft Foods Inc.

    “I think the economy has a ways to go,” she said. “I don’t make nearly as much as I used to make.”

    Yet she said she bought a 46-inch flat-screen Sony TV in the last year. And now she was waiting for help in the Genius Bar line at the Apple Store.

  4. WOW a part-time cafeteria worker can afford a 46inch FLAT Screen TV,

    even in the good trading days before the recession, i never bought that.

    Maybe its time to switch JOBS, macdonalds here i come
  5. Just as well. Prices have come way down.

    I remember paying about $2400 for a 50" DLP a few years back. 2 years ago, $1,000 for a 50" plasma... which now goes for <$800.
  6. Fake Rich people are annoying. Good to see them wiped out.
  7. America! We do poverty in style!
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    The services are so darn expensive that anyone can afford anything they want. It takes $500 to buy paint for the house, yet $3K for the labor. I hate eating out for I am expected to put in an extra 25% for the wait staff and 8% for the taxes.

    we could really use some deflation.
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    Who is more annoying, people with lots of $ and absolutely no class or people with no money that can't do the math?

    I read The Millionaire Next Door when it was first on the best seller lists and I started running across the folks that were described in the book. Jeez, talk about no class, shitty clothing style, shitty style in general, downright obnoxious lack of style sometimes... I abhor such folk and I suspect they are the ones that are doing all this "economic voyeuring" about people that aren't making it mismanaging things in this severely depressed and bailout-stressed economy...
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