Americans sold it's soul to devil.

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  1. you know the devil only takes and never gives.

    there is no free lunche..

    the grim reaper alwasy wants it's money.

    all debts must be paid.

    loss freedoms for money.

    the free markets are freedom is dead... foreigners are no longer buy american debt.....and it will eventually lead to collapse as the US defaults ont it's debt...and force to shut down the country..civil unrest as many welfare programs etc....american falls into many countries before it...fall from bankrupt and corrupt gov't..the looting of america continues as i write this.. the treasury of the county is being looted. the death a country of the countries first signs of econonomic demise..soon the gov't would bounce checks on soldiers.
  2. Go back to having a nightmare, and stop smoking that stuff...
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    Ha ha ha ha. Does your teacher know you are on the Internet during class?
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    Thank you for the information
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    *Note* Change your handle to "brok-en-glish" :D
  6. How can you say markets are dead? You've just cornered the ellipses market single-handedly!
  7. Welcome to the world of easy credit. I would ask the Devils banker what the arbitrage spreads are on USD/CNY