Americans should be celebrating!

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  1. They wanted cuts in spending and shrinking the deficit. They shall get their wish.

    The plan calls for deep cuts in domestic and military spending, a gradual 15-cents-a-gallon increase in the federal gasoline tax, limiting or eliminating popular tax breaks in return for lower rates, and benefit cuts and an increased retirement age for Social Security.

  2. "Extending all the Bush tax cuts through 2020 would add more than $4 trillion to the debt — coincidentally, about the same amount that the chairmen’s painful options are designed to cut in the same time frame."
  3. I have a much better idea to fix SSN. Congress quits embezzling the fund and the money collected for SSN is only used to pay SSN benefits. They can raise the retiment age to infinity and nothing will change. Retirement age isn't the problem. Number of people retiring isn't the problem. Wealthy people that don't need it but are getting it isn't the problem. THEFT by congress is the problem.

    And one more thing. I'd like to know why our friends in the media, whatever their political persuasion, never ask any member of congress to explain the embezzlement of the SSN fund. Why is stopping the theft never posed as a solution? Where is the rough and tough media on this issue?
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  6. More hammering of the private sector. [​IMG]
    That means Free Thinker will have to continue working 3 more years while his union cohorts are protected by Obama & the Democrats!
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    What makes you think that he works in the private sector?
  8. ha. you wish. if it were true you could feel better about your sorry predicament.
    i retired from my business at age 45. been retired from working for 13 years now.
    the only work i do now is work that i want to do. for instance the work i am doing right now for fun is restoring a 1970 gto judge convertable. check the book value on that one.
    in my spare time while i am watching the market do its thing i am doing the planning for a hawaii cruise i am taking in january.

    what are you doing?
  9. Like Soros, Buffet, & Gates. All took advantage of capitalism, but want socialism for the rest of us. [​IMG]

    Me, I'm unemployed, 46, and living on my savings & trading. You happy, you communist!
  10. i have never advocated socalism. if you are unemployed maybe you have time to educate yourself as to what socalism really is.
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