Americans set record for charitable giving in 2006

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  1. guess it makes up for being the biggest polluter, arms-dealer, arms race catalyst, covert action operator etc etc in the world... dude u shld be proud of all that too!

    thats the ameri-con spirit!
  2. China is the world's biggest emitter of climate changing co2. DOH!!!,,2106689,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=networkfront

    I have noticed a hell of a lot more Kalashnikov rifles in the hands of evil doers than M-16s. Any thoughts?

    Now tell me why it doesn't count and the US is still the bigger evil.

  3. I wonder if those that criticize the US the most give the least, give nothing at all, or are they most likely the recipients of the charity from those that they are criticizing?
  4. Where do you live?

    Let me guess. Another douchebag USA basher that hates us but LOVES to trade our markets?

    2cents? Whats that your net worth?
  5. Charity may reflect more an act of contrition in addition to being a tax writeoff than a genuine act of caring.
  6. OK, So then it would be better if nobody in the USA ever gave again because of a tax write off benefit???
  7. That sounds like someone who does not believe an individual should willingly give their earnings, whatever earnings they have left after taxes, and instead those earnings should be unwillingly confiscated by the government as only the government can care and an individual cannot?

    Individuals giving to individuals is 100% efficient as opposed to the government which is only 10% efficient because of the "administrative" costs of the bureaucracy involved.
  8. japan...

    now whats the story with your markets pal? everything i buy comes from china... who gives a fuck about you?????
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