American's Serious Letter to me

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  1. An American has written this to me-:

    You wouldn't know that for about the last 20 years we've been becoming increasingly ignorant, uneducated, purposeless, useless, and hopeless.

    The pressures, disappointments, unfairness and exhaustion of day-to-day life in this country has left us weak, disoriented, and uncaring about anything but the enjoyment of temporary pleasures.

    We don't care about laws, or legality. We don't care about decency or civility. We don't believe in governments, the corporations that own them, or in ourselves. The United States I grew up in is already unrecognizable....

    What do we care if some autocrat posing as a "social savior" tramples over our bedrock Constitution if he'll give us welfare, food stamps, rent subsidies, utility credits, and all the other trappings of the Welfare State? We've sold out our Constitutional right to be free, independent individuals in a free, loose confederation of states in a United States, and we did it in return for government-subsidized existence.

    That's why we won't impeach Obama for breaking the law, and that's why we won't even try. We have decayed, rotted, and become perverted and wasted, and now we are falling down as a nation... and nobody in a position of power even cares....

    This American seems to be desperate so I have posted his message here.
  2. Bob111


    what's his point anyway? if you don't like the place, then pack your shit and go some place else. it's is really simple for ANY american. gotta have the balls..but
    yes-take your shit and move on. vote with your foot. no so many people in the world can do that. threat this option with great respect... thing: let us know,where you are going...:p
    cause from my hill i still can't see anything that would really stand out on this planet..
    that why US should stop all military spending YESTERDAY and put all money in R&D. then in few years all of us can live on mars..and mexicans can't get there..and no al qaeda,no iran missiles can get us either. :p
  3. Another American has written to me:

    Our main issue with Obama is this: would you work hard and invest your money, so that a politician in Washington DC gets to look good, by REDISTRIBUTING the fruits of your labor to others?

    Obama wants take from those who produce and give to those who don't. He trumpets how this makes him a moral champion, by pointing a gun at those who use their brains and saying: "Produce jobs and wealth for me so that I can have power!!"

    What if they don't? What if decent people think that they are not here to be the beasts of burden for scum like Obama?

    Most Americans are kind hearted and will help IF ASKED. They will not help if a thug from Chicago points guns at them.
  4. If it wasn't for TV and Radio, you wouldn't even know the Government was on your back. I went for many years without TV or even a computer.

    The only time the Government was on my back was April 15th, once a year.

    Otherwise, everything is just as it was when we were growing up.

    Show me one opportunity that was available to you years ago that is no longer available.

    All this talk about the deficit and default cracks me up. The whole Government could disolve and it wouldn't make much difference to you and me.

    Do you think Procter & Gamble is going to close it's doors because the government raised it's debt ceiling or defaults?

    You and I haven't changed. The only thing that's changed is what they complain about on TV.
  5. Republicans are Employer friendly
    Democrats are Employee friendly
  6. well, then lets all just vote democrat and get rid of the employers.

    Never did like any of my bosses anyways.