Americans Say They’re Better Off Since Obama Took Office

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  1. A plurality of Americans now say they are better off than they were when President Barack Obama was inaugurated, providing a surprising lift to Obama’s re- election campaign despite troublesome economic news.
    Forty-five percent of those surveyed in a Bloomberg National Poll say they are better off than at the beginning of 2009 compared with 36 percent who say they are worse off. In March, poll respondents split almost evenly on that question after having been decidedly negative since the aftermath of the worst recession in seven decades.
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  3. I was cooking eggs this morning and voila, I got a double yoke. Nothing like that ever happened when Bush was President
  4. Lucrum


    I'm STILL voting ABO in November.
  5. the same organization that had obama +13 in yesterday's polls... LOL.
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    Apparently even Romney thinks the economy is improving.
  7. Max E.

    Max E.

    Yeah, i actually heard them analysing this very stat that free thinker is talking about on Chris Matthews show yesterday and even the guy who was filling in for Chris Matthews thought the bloomberg poll must be a total flop, he pulled up another stat from the government that said something like 50% of homeowners have lost value on their home since Obama took office....and it also showed how much the average persons net worth has went down since Obama took office...... combined with the fact that 15% of people are under employed.....

    Now you try telling me based on that how in the hell 45% of people think their life is better than it was 4 years ago..... They probably stood outside of some "Teachers union meeting" and asked 1000 teachers to fill out their poll.....

    Basically the guy said that if the Obama team started hyping this obviously faulty poll, they would be following the poll off a cliff....
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    You gotta remember, when Obama took office we had been in freefall and were basically near the ground. So to say that things are better now is actually not saying much imo.

    [Oh, and the public sector would be the last group to say we're better off, whether they're still working there or not.]
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    Max E.

    Yeah i wasnt saying who was to blame or who isnt.... just from a pure numbers standpoint the vast majority of people are worse offf than they were 4 years ago....
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