Americans renouncing citizenship in UK, 6 months backlog!

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  1. Sorry, requires registering and all that.
  2. Sigh. I dunno whether i should do the same.
  3. just type into google and u go right to the page
  4. How many bank failures were there in the uk during 2008 2009?
  5. “I don’t think I want to die in the UK,” she says.

    If you have less than $2m (€1.5m, £1.3m), you escape most penalties. “If you can get below that $2m net-asset-value snapshot, it’s fairly easy. You escape the exit tax,” says Richard Cassell, a partner at Withers, the law firm. “But few people want to write the cheque if they have more than that. It becomes painful.”
  6. Too cold in UK.
  7. What an unbelievable shame. The fucking degenerates in Washington have managed, in 40 years, to nearly destroy the glorious progress of the first 200.

    The whole world once sailed to US shores to work and succeed, and now it is a financial basketcase, a political laughingstock, a failed middle east colonizer, and a quasi police state.
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    i just don't understand one thing-once you give up your US citizenship-then what? how you are going to travel? where is the job going to come from? i think its pretty much common,that in order to get a job you must have some ID's and passport AND valid visa. dunno about other countries, but in US, if you are not citizen-you must obtain permission to work legally in US(not s easy to get). it's probably same thing in other countries.
    what country is going to give you a citizenship? how long it will take and how much it will cost? US give expats reasonable exclusion for about 90K. imo-not that bad..
    can somebody give me an valid example,where giving up your citizenship for some average middle class family is really worth it?
    we are entering into phase,where you don't have to work anymore at all(and pay taxes too) ..Barry O will take care everyone...hey! health care is also free! and people in US are unhappy about it? alright then..good luck to find some jobs in Europe...they all taken already by turks and pakistanis
    have fun with those friendly immigrants...:p
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