Americans Really Dislike Bush-Cheney

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  1. Friday, April 3, 2009 14:00 EDT

    Americans still really dislike Bush, Cheney

    "Apparently, President Obama and Vice President Biden aren't making anyone long for their predecessors, at least not yet.

    For the first time since the previous administration left office, Gallup recently asked Americans about their feelings regarding former President Bush and former Vice President Cheney. The results pretty much match up with polls conducted while the two men were still in office. Bush and Cheney got the same unfavorable rating, with 63 percent of respondents saying they view each man unfavorably. Only 35 percent view Bush favorably, and Cheney's number is even lower, at 30 percent.

    Actually, Bush's ratings have gotten even worse -- the last time around, 40 percent of respondents said they had a favorable opinion of him. But Gallup attributes this to "an unusual spurt in positive feelings toward Bush," saying the current numbers are more in line with the usual results."



  2. Cheney is under house arrest of sorts, if he travels abroad he will likely be arrested for war crimes...
  3. Not just him.
    There are quite a few members of the former Administration that won't be traveling much internationally anymore.
  4. Cheney is evil he should be hung long time ago

    He is the main reason for 911 and for Iraqi invasion. He knows too much though. When you know too much about too many people, those same people will protect you.
  5. Mercor


    What are you guys going to do once Bush / Cheney leave the Whitehouse and become just citizens
  6. Another delusional republican who doesn't realize Bush and Cheney are history...

  7. Mercor


    Tell that to the idoits who are taking polls about ex-presidents.

    Tell that to the OP Landis who finds this data of any value.
  8. I find it of interesting value due to the fact that there is such a tremendous effort by much of the former Administration at "spinning" their legacy in a favorable light.
  9. Most Americans are fair. They are willing to give a new president a chance, as they did with GWBush in 2001 and now with Obama. It is really what you make of the presidency that counts.