Americans now you wished you voted for Gore :D

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Jul 18, 2006.

Do you wish you voted for gore

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  1. LOL, look what 6 years of bush has brought. World choas. 80$ barrel oil. Nearing 100$. No stem cell research. Katrina, iraq, no osama, north korea, the loss of south america, etc. Now you wished you voted for gore. 3000 american lives lost in iraq for nothing :D 14000 injured for life.
  2. Yeah,
    Gore would have "invented" a new Internet on top 0f all this.
    His successor would have been a muslim fundamentalist like the one in Iran.
  3. That's still better than what we have now - a christian fundamentalist.

    BTW, back in the 80's when nobody knew what the internet was, Gore as a congressman from TN kept it alive by advocating its funding year after year. "Inveted" is not the right word but Gore certainly facilitated the initial building of the internet as sometimes the lone voice for it in the congress.

    Where were you in the 80's? Did you have the forsight to invest in the internet then?
  4. Are all 1019 posts you have made just as worthless as this one? Or do you actually post relevant, interesting, coherent information on occasion?
  5. little bit of a and alittle bit of B :D, but you got to admit theres alot of truth in them.

  6. better then a christian fundamentalist, whose not intelligent. Come on how do you explain katrina? How do you explain iraq? How do you explain how they lost osama, when he was sourrounded and injured. Its like losing a million dollers after your stock was up a million percent. How do you explain north korea and the collapse of the peace in the isreal? They were so close with clinton. If you elected gore there would have been peace right now. Osama would have been caught. The aftermath of katrina would not have happened. The war in iraq would not have happened. Al quaeda would have been broken up. Reeves would still be alive and would probably be in his first year of walking thanks to stem cell research. YOu cant admit bush is owned by the fundamentalists in your country.

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  9. No, I don't have to admit anything. There's nothing but crap in the ones I've seen.

    I love when people who have issues with grammar and spelling call others unintelligent. Yet another one for the ignore list.
  10. hey if americans can justify invading a country on false information and lies, then I can do what I want LOL :D

    Ivanovich, can you please justify how a country can impeach a president for lying about having sex, but you cant impeach a president for lying about war. And killing over 3000 american, 14000 injured for life american soldiers, 150K dead iraqis, and thousands more injured.

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