Americans line up to do the jobs "Americans won't do" after the illegals get raptured

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  1. Jobs Alabamians Won't Do
    Alabama Immigration Law Shatters Pro-Amnesty Myths

    It is a "dark day" for the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    Americans who live in the states of Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Virginia, Oklahoma, and Kentucky (see the graphic of illegal aliens labors) - where the pro-amnesty lobby narrowly defeated immigration reform earlier this year - ought to come to Alabama to take a look at what is happening here.

    By allowing Alabama's tough new immigration law to go into effect, Judge Susan Blackburn has allowed a single state to deviate from the national consensus among the American political class that conspires against the people to tolerate the presence of illegal aliens.

    So what happened?

    1.) Jobs Americans Won't Do - In Marshall County, white and black workers lined up to fill the jobs in a chicken plant that were left behind by illegal aliens that have been magically raptured to other states.

    2.) Don't Punish The Kids - By forcing public schools to check the citizenship status of students, illegal aliens have been withdrawing their kids from Alabama public schools thereby reducing the burden on teachers and allowing more resources to be spent on native students who are the children of Alabama taxpayers.

    3.) Illegal Immigration Is Unstoppable - Now that Alabama's version of the Arizona-style immigration law is being enforced by the state, illegal aliens are moving out of the state, native workers are taking their jobs, and the unemployment rate in Alabama is going down!

    Isn't it amazing what happens when conniving politicians are forced by voters to enforce our immigration laws and stop groveling to special interest groups? Illegal aliens are vanishing in Alabama!

    How did Alabama manage to pull this off miracle? In the 2010 midterm elections, Alabama voters threw out the Democrats and Republicans took control of the Alabama state legislature for the first time since Reconstruction.

    In exchange for the support of Alabama voters, the Alabama Republican Party made its "Handshake With Alabama" the centerpiece of its campaign platform, and the newly elected Republican politicians were forced to put passing an Arizona-style immigration law and a strong E-Verify package at the top of their legislative agenda.

    After taking power in 2011, Alabama's Republican legislature went beyond the Arizona precedent to design a tougher immigration law for Alabama that was a more comprehensive attempt to tackle the problem.

    Next month, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Virginia will be holding state elections. Earlier this year, the Democratic-controlled Virginia Senate and the Democratic-controlled Mississippi legislature killed Arizona-style immigration laws in both those states.

    In the Old Dominion, the Virginia Senate killed almost a dozen proposed immigration laws that had passed the Virginia House. It should be interesting to see how voters in those states respond now that the Alabama precedent has shown how removing Democrats from elected office finally removed the obstacle that blocked immigration reform here for several years.

    Update: According to the Christian Science Monitor, there is a "humanitarian crisis" in Alabama that has gone unnoticed to Alabamians, who are preoccupied with working for a living, the college football season, and getting ready for hunting season in November.
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    oh s^&t, those illegals will all wind up in California. They haven't sucked quite all the life out of the state yet...
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    Literally, on TV I saw a young hispanic crying about how she was moving from AL to CA.
  4. Yeah of course, wouldn't you be crying about moving to CA too? Nothing but a bunch of hispanics out there...

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    There's already more hispanics in Dallas than white people. We need to copy that Alabama law hear.

    Perry get your ass back to Texas and do your job!!!
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    Sad, years ago Dallas was one of our favorite overnight destinations.
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    I guess my quote is not quite accurate. Whites make up just a tad over 50%. It is in the schools that whites are the minority. I can't find the story.