Americans, have you noticed a decrease in fat people because of the economic crisis?

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Less fatso's?

  1. Nope. Still plenty of fat people here.

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  2. Yeah, why are people so skinny all of a suden?

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  3. Some people lost some weight, good for them.

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  4. I should loose some weight myself

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  1. Thanks for participating.:)
  2. The fat problem will get worse as the lazy bastards hit the fast food even harder and lay around waiting for more bailouts. These drags on society are a huge reason we are in this mess. The hardy folks who endured the great depression were tough as nails. The soft fat lazy bums today are ill prepared for when the wheels really start to come off.

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  3. Have you looked at McDonalds stock recently? The thing is iron clad. We are one screwed up country.

    Basically over half our country is made up of fatties. I am sure most of them will sell their spouses in order to make sure they can make the daily trip to McDonalds.

    Have you ever gotten in the way of a fat persons food? I would rather play Russian roulette.
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  5. Lucrum


    I think the welfare will need to end/run out before we see any real decrease in obesity.
  6. Where did you find this pic of JDL, who used to be known as Moe27?
  7. I was going to try and extrapolate some back door research on obesity. I googled "plungers" and got over 8k hits on tarp, talf, etc. I was hoping to correlate plugged toilets to the obesity problem.

    Secondly I googled "toilet paper" hoping to find data on annual sales and production, the first ten pages on google "toilet paper" were comments on USD.
  8. I watched the "Supersize Me" documentary... the guy ate three meals a day for a month at McDonalds and he said he got a pound of sugar a day !! There are 24 teaspoons of sugar in the biggest soda at McDonalds.. Sugar is in every single thing they sell except for about five items..

    Two things make us fat, one is the sugar, the other is the lack of exercise. Even mild exercise won't take off much weight, you have to get your heart rate way up for awhile before the body switches to fat burning mode, walking won't do it.

    All those obese people are living in a weird zone where they are ignorant about nutrition and never get their heart rate very high. Considering the influence that all those McDonald's profits have on our culture the fat problem is here to stay, likely...