Americans Have Been Taken Hostage

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  1. r2d2


    "It has become startlingly clear that we as a country, and I as a journalist, had made a grave error in affording those who built and ran those banks and insurance companies the honorable treatment of being called capitalists. When in fact the exact opposite was true, these people were more like vampires using the threat of Too Big To Fail to hold us hostage and collect ongoing ransom from the US Government and the American taxpayer."
  2. Government is in on the scam, too! :mad:
  3. vampires...
  4. There's a phrase that is often reported in the news to identify if the gov't is in on the scam. The phrase is "politically difficult".
    Tranlated- it is politically difficult to regulate blah blah because they are campaign donors and big ones too.
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    Whoever wrote the above does not understand capitalism. In fact, the example of "those banks and insurance companies" is the very essence of unbridled capitalism.