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  1. Greetings,

    I received this message from my accountants by email. Please read it if you have a moment because it is an important iniciative that requires our attention. (I couldn't attach the email itself so I have copied and linked the website. =)


    Dear Friends and Clients,

    I am currently buried by tax returns to complete but I am taking 15 minutes to write this email because I think it is important.

    I have been in the tax business for 27 years and I know well the complexity of the “monster” our system has created. It is so complex that it requires specialist to deal with specific complex parts of our tax code such as: real estate taxation, oil & gas, partnerships, corporations. Even the Republicans (who represent the political concept of a smaller, less intrusive government), have made the tax code more complex than it has ever been. A tax generalist has a struggle maintaining a tax practice because of this complexity. I believe there is a better way and this is the “season” to tell that to our elected representatives.

    I am participating in an effort to evolve from this antiquated tax system and move our country to another system to collect taxes for our federal government that will:

    * be more fair to all;
    * be cheaper to administer (by hundreds of billions);
    * not make criminals of ordinary citizens;
    * be such that all people will pay their share of tax;
    * be without the complexity and resulting frustration; and,
    * be without the intrusion of federal employees into the private lives of law abiding citizens.

    Think about how odd this is for a practicing tax professional to be engaged in this effort to eliminate his occupation. That is how bad I think the current system has become. Our federal tax system is nearly 100 years old and was designed for people living in an environment of 100 years ago. We need to move our tax system into the 21st Century.

    Please read the letter that follows my signature block. If you agree then participate like they are requesting. Click on the tax that reads: “send your fax today”.



    Dear FairTax Supporter,

    I am pleased to report that this is my first communication with you using our new interactive e-mail tool, made possible by our recent partnership with leading Internet company Convio. As you can readily see, this new system is not only more aesthetically pleasing, but is more user friendly and will help us more effectively mobilize our supporters at critical times throughout the year.

    Americans For Fair Taxation is now proudly displaying the new FairTax logo, marking the beginning of our pivotally important campaign to make the FairTax an issue of national importance and recognition. We have ordered new materials (T-shirts, hats, bumper stickers, etc.) that will soon be made available to you on our Web site.

    I want to keep you apprised of the early stages of our "presidential primary strategy." We have already begun our media efforts in Iowa with a ten-day, statewide radio campaign and a direct mailer and will shortly do the same in South Carolina. As most of you know from our previous discussions, the purpose of this effort is clear -- influence the presidential candidates to address the FairTax in key primary states where every vote counts and every issue of interest to local voters receives magnified attention. Making this strategy more enticing is the fact that our efforts to promote the FairTax will be done in front of the national media as they follow the candidates through these states.

    To kick off our 2007 "Internet campaign," we are asking you to click here or on the link below, which will direct you to a "landing site" where you can fax your congressional representatives in Washington, D.C. and let them know you are a supporter of the FairTax (H.R. 25). Our goal is to send 100,000 faxes to Washington by April 17th, and FairTax supporters have sent nearly 30,000 faxes already! Once you have completed the fax process yourself, please forward the link to your family, friends, colleagues, and others who should be interested in learning more about the only viable alternative to the flawed income tax system. As many of you know, nationally syndicated radio personality Neal Boortz has graciously asked his listeners to take part in the “100,000 faxes” campaign; thus, if you have already participated in our effort, please pass along the link to your friends, family, and associates.

    I am also asking that you take a very important additional step while on the landing page: Make a small financial investment in the FairTax 2007 effort. While we are excited about our plan for media buys and a grassroots push, there is so much more we need to do. For instance, we would like to purchase FairTax billboards in Des Moines, Iowa and/or Columbia, South Carolina which all Iowans/South Carolinians (candidates and media) can see as they make their way through town.

    Furthermore, your contribution can help us purchase yard signs, bumper stickers, and FairTax literature that will allow us to make the FairTax a true "campaign" in these important states and beyond. While we greatly appreciate all of the hard work and effort each of you has given on behalf of the FairTax over the years, I am personally asking that you help us take the next step. This is the moment when we must make our strongest effort, and that takes money.

    Please take a minute to click on the link below in order to let your federal representatives know that you are tired of the current income tax system and demand a change for the better:

    Thank you again for your hard work and effort and I look forward to working with each of you to make passage of the FairTax a reality!

    Warmest regards,

    David C. Polyansky
    Chief Operating Officer
    Americans For Fair Taxation

    Americans For Fair Taxation is a 501(c)(4) organization. Because we lobby for you in Washington, D.C. your generous contribution is not tax deductible.
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    We will never have fair taxation.

    The current system makes it too easy for politicians to abuse for their own benefit.
  3. ^^^^^^


    Canadian retailers near the border would love it.
  4. If we don't do something about it, for sure.
  5. gnome


    There is no "we" [the people].... "We" don't matter any more. A long, long time ago, it was "government of the people, by the people and for the people". Now it's, "Gummint at the expense of the people".

    The only chance we have is to THROW THE BUMS OUT, and get new bums..... never happen.