Americans Find Blacks Are Most Racist

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    Like we haven't been saying this here for years.

    Americans consider blacks more likely to be racist than whites and Hispanics in this country.

    Thirty-seven percent (37%) of American Adults think most black Americans are racist, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Just 15% consider most white Americans racist, while 18% say the same of most Hispanic Americans.

    There is a huge ideological difference on this topic. Among conservative Americans, 49% consider most blacks racist, and only 12% see most whites that way. Among liberal voters, 27% see most white Americans as racist, and 21% say the same about black Americans.

    From a partisan perspective, 49% of Republicans see most black Americans as racist, along with 36% of unaffiliated adults and 29% of Democrats.

    Among black Americans, 31% think most blacks are racist, while 24% consider most whites racist and 15% view most Hispanics that way.

    Among white adults, 10% think most white Americans are racist; 38% believe most blacks are racist, and 17% say most Hispanics are racist.

    Overall, just 30% of all Americans now rate race relations in the United States as good or excellent. Fourteen percent (14%) describe them as poor. Twenty-nine percent (29%) think race relations are getting better, while 32% believe they are getting worse. Thirty-five percent (35%) feel they are staying about the same.

    These figures reflect more pessimism than was found in April when 42% gave race relations positive marks and 39% said race relations were improving. However, the April number reflected all-time highs while the current numbers are more consistent with the general attitudes of recent years.
  2. Funny, because they also have the most to gain for playing the race card. I just wonder how much longer they will be considered a "protected" group..... 8, 9 generations?
  3. This is a good question. If you think in terms of Detroit, the blacks own it. The protected class owns the entire city. Now what?
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    Burn it down. Maybe they will do it themselves after Zimmerman's acquittal.
  5. Unfortunately, saying that blacks are more racist is a racist comment :eek:
  6. It would be a marked improvement for Detroit.
  7. A poll showing half of republicans thinking the worst of black people...was a poll really needed to know this :confused:
  8. 49 % of republicans thinks blacks are racists but only 24 % of blacks think whites are racists
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    Not all blacks.

    Read the book SCAM on the topic.
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    And 100% of us here think you're an idiot.
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