Americans Do Not Mind Becoming Peasants ?

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    Pretty severe take....but

    The banks are hoarding money...

    The banks have taken $trillions from the govt....

    The banks control the govt....

    The banks will not realize their bad bets "debts"....while
    paying themselves more than ever....

    Next year....they will ask for more free money....while
    paying themselves more than ever....while still
    not realizing their bad bets....singing the same song
    of too big to fail....

    In the meanwhile ....because of handing over free $ to
    the banks to cover their bad bets....the value of the dollar is declining....

    Want to know the truth....follow the money....
  2. 95+ percent of the people were against the bailout, and it happened anyway

    the bailout indentured the American people to communist china for nothing

    we are far closer to dictatorship than most people can imagine

    the bank aplogist on that video should have held his head over a toilet, for what was coming out of his mouth
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    "The bankers are terrorists, same as bin Laden. We might as well give him a bonus for the wonderful job he did on 9/11. One group uses airplanes, the other derivatives."
    - Keiser

  4. I don't know about peasants but certainly livestock.Self feeding,cleaning and breeding.Unable to run away when harvest is due.The fattest people on Earth.It can't be by chance,now can it?
  5. libertad, what do you mean by "becoming peasants"?
    We already are.
  6. Lethn


    Are you suggesting the bankers are planning to eat Americans for dinner and are a secret cannibalistic organization? O_O
  7. Your anger at the banks is misplaced.

    Government has all the power.

    Much of what the banks do and/or did is because government forced them to.

    Banks don't have the power to impoverish anyone. The government always does. If banks harness government power, then it's unsurprising.

    We need a less powerful government. A more powerful government makes us serfs. Full Stop.
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    thinking they v smart by trying to inflate their way out of debt, at some point will lose its status of reserve currency and hence, lose the avenue of indirect tax, in short kill the golden hen, ending up whatever debt has to serviced from US taxpayers, bc the rate is too high, anyone that has the means will flee the US taking the wealth with them, also causing a brain drain, when its all finished whats left of the US is going to look like hell
  9. Yes! Stranger things have happened! For instance,right here:

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