Americans Died And Obama Lied

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    GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: You see, I go back to the whole thing (INAUDIBLE) is I keep thinking there are four murdered Americans and injured Americans. And I can tell you that if there were four murdered Americans in this city that was unsolved, it'd be on the front page of The Washington Post every single day!

    REP. ROHRABACHER: And what did the president call it? Bumps in the road. The president referred to these -- these -- these dead Americans as a bump in the road to better relations with Islam.

    The fact is that there are -- there's an element among Muslims of the world -- not even a majority anywhere close to a majority of Muslims, but there is a group of Muslims in the world who want to do us harm. And we have to be aware of that if we are to defend against it! This president is trying to minimize it, make it go away.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Well, I want to know what -- I would also like to know what the CIA was doing there. I mean, you know, there was a huge contingency of the CIA. And I recognize the CIA is an important function to keep us safe.

    But there are so many bizarre aspects to this, even the fact that the security seems not to have been provided by the State Department, but rather by the CIA. I can't help but be suspicious. What in the world are we doing there? Are we supplying weapons to the Syrian rebels? Are we collecting weapons from the Libyan rebels? I know that we're trying to do that. But you know, there's a lot -- there's a lot that's not told that's -- and I think it's reasonable to be suspicious of so much of this!

    ROHRABACHER: Well, we need to be suspicious that we don't know what the things are. But we do know that there was a screw-up in terms of how we were going to defend our diplomats, obviously, because they're dead. And we -- we have to -- what was -- and the Democrats tried to politicize this by claiming it was budget cuts by the Republicans, until, of course, the State Department official who actually made the decision went on and under testimony, sworn testimony, said, budget considerations played none of that.

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  2. Come on pspr, please use your obvious intelligence to get past the nonsense. There are plenty of things to offer forth, but when you insist on silliness, then it doesn't help your side.
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    You mean ignore Obama's incompetence so as not to sully his reputation among his fervent disciples? I doubt you have much to worry about there.
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    Mr. Bill - Surely you realize Obama lied like a Clinton on Benghazi. The truth is slowly beginning to come out. Every day this gets uglier and eventually this, even without revelations on Fast & Furious, is going to be the undoing of Obama. I know it, you know it, just about everybody knows it.

    (Don't bother to reply. I see no reason to take you off my ignore list.)