Americans are too fat for X-rays

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  2. If all of us stop dating fat people, we can take care of the fat genes in a couple of generations.

    Sorry for the insensitivity. But I really think that it's their own fault. They shouldn't watch Fox all the time.
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    You are contradicting yourself. Statements:

    1. It is in their genes, thus >>> not their fault.

    2. It is their own fault.

    So which one is it???
  4. It's both! They are not mutually exclusive. For example, you may have a lung cancer gene but if you don't smoke, you'll never get lung cancer.
  5. Talking your mouth off and giving an opinion about something you know shit about does not lend itself to much credibility.

    There is still a large number of people who never smoked, never have smoked and have not ever been in contact with sigarette smoke and still get lung cancer.

    On ignore you'll go because I now know that I cannot put any credibility on anything you say.

    vital statistics

    ps - I used to be a radiotherapy radiographer in a previous life so I know what I am talking about.
  6. Did you lose too much in the market today?

    What are the chances of a smoker getting lung cancer vs a non-smoker? I may have been oversimplying a bit but the fact is, even with the lung cancer gene, you can reduce your risk many folds if you don't smoke.
  7. once again you show your own ignorance by talking about something you do not know anything about and then arguing that you are correct. typical college kid behaviour

    (and no - had my best week ever)

    vital statistics

    (ps and now you are definitely on my ignore list, you just confirmed my earlier impression)
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    Americans just are dumb regarding nutrition. They choose foods like they were little children and eat too much. They drink flavored sugar water largely [there are 100 varieties of it in every store] and eat cookies, cake and pie until they are so big they can barely get around. Then they get diabetes, what a surprise, and heart disease, and even before they get those diseases they are not feeling too good. When they diet they just eat less of the cake and cookies instead of finding out about every single nutrient their body needs and getting enough of alll of them.
  9. yes...u guys generally eat shit.
    beyond help imo.
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    Agreed. eat vegan
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