Americans are obsolete, why Illegal Immigrants are here to stay.

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    Interesting article. Pretty much makes sense, pretty scary anyhow long but interesting read.

    Thanks to deindustrialization, which is caused both by productivity growth and by corporate offshoring, the overwhelming majority of Americans now work in the non-traded domestic service sector. The jobs that have the greatest growth in numbers are concentrated in sectors like medical care and childcare.

    Even here, the rich have options other than hiring American citizens. Wealthy liberals and wealthy conservatives agree on one thing: the need for more unskilled immigration to the U.S. This is hardly surprising, as the rich are far more dependent on immigrant servants than middle-class and working-class Americans are.

    The late Patricia Buckley, the socialite wife of the late William F. Buckley Jr., once told me, "One simply can't live in Manhattan without at least three servants -- a cook and at least two maids." She had a British cook and Spanish-speaking maids. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently revealed the plutocratic perspective on immigration when he defended illegal immigration by asking, "Who takes care of the greens and the fairways in your golf course?"
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    All that shit was taken care of just fine before illegals started doing it. So Bloomberg is saying that the uber wealthy want their services cheaper at the expense of decent paying jobs and commensurate taxes of American citizens?
  3. Well it makes sense, export and get rid of our industrial base Then export our knowledge type work (Engineering,programming) to china/india.

    Leaving McJobs

    Once emptied of superfluous citizens, the U.S. could become a kind of giant Aspen for the small population of the super-rich and their non-voting immigrant retainers. Many environmentalists might approve of the depopulation of North America, because sprawling suburbs would soon be reclaimed by the wilderness. And deficit hawks would be pleased as well. The middle-class masses dependent on Social Security and Medicare would have departed the country, leaving only the self-sufficient rich and foreign guest workers without any benefits, other than the charity of their employers.
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    the wealthy have always had servants and maids.

    it is the middle class that has been the prime beneficiary of illegal immigration. illegal immigration with lower wages had made it possible for the middle class for the 1st time to have maids and caretakers for their children and elderly relatives.
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    addenum: of course now with 2 years unemployment benefits and possibly soon to be lifetime under obama men can stay at home to take care of the children and be paid $400/ week to do so.

    if before an illegal was paid $200 to take care that $200 will be now saved. that is $600 for baby sitting. draw your own conclusions.
  6. Americans simply will not do the jobs done by the illegals.

    I say open up the borders fully now! Only the weak and poor need to fear.
  7. But who will pay the taxes for the trillion dollar bailouts when the rich get themselves into trouble again?
  8. Open the border fully and your get more drug gangs, and huge welfare families crossing. No amount of taxes is enough to pay for the welfare benefits with so many kids!
  9. What about the Engineering Jobs, Programming and IT jobs being sent overseas?

    I guess Americans will not do those jobs either.
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    America is risking coming under some sort of Dictatorship to bring the house back in order. Something like preemptive change at the helm to prevent total chaos when it all starts to fall apart.

    Job Opening: Economic Dictator for hire in DC.
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