Americans are fleeing

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  1. Americans are fleeing high tax, union-dominated states and settling in states with lower taxes, right-to-work laws and lower government spending

    I welcome any and all hardworking, Libertarians to Texas.

    But for all you Freeloading, Liberal, Progressives from my old home NYC, my old stomping ground Chicago, keep your punk asses right where they are. We don't need you, we do not want you or welcome your kind down here in Texas. The last thing we need is the state to turn into CALI!~ Sleep in the very bed you progressives created, sleep in your own shit state and keep away!

    The rest of you, com'n down! Weather is nice, a boat load of money is being made and locals for the most part, are awsome in Texas!
  2. texas?....the home of steers & queers.....hee haw.

    give it a break already with your pro texas`s getting old.

    do you walk around town & tip your hat to the gorda chicas with neatly trimmed mustaches....bragging about swinging a big line?
  3. texas. where men are men and the cows are very nervous. nice climate in the winter time but pretty much everything else sucks.
  4. If Texas can get rid of Federal income tax, meaning quasi-independence, I will move there. :D
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    But...we don't want to leave California.

    Couldn't the congress just appropriate money from the general fund to help out California with its financial challenges? I mean, a few billlion right now could make all the difference.

    If those other states are so prosperous then they surely wouldn't mind helping out another state that needs a hand. California is the model for progressive policies and social justice. You don't want that to go bankrupt do you?

    California is going to mandate the use of alternative fuels and that will obviously create millions of jobs in the future Cal economy. But it will take time. Some help is needed in the interim period before Cali adds on all of those new jobs.

    Migrate all you want but that doesn't obviate your responsibility to support the liberal governance and experimental finances of the Golden State.
  6. Migrate all you want but that doesn't obviate your responsibility to support the liberal governance and experimental finances of the Golden State:


    Spooz top? Keep thinking that there assclown and stay away.

    Free Thinker? I think you are correct in some sense. But over in, Dallas and Austin ....some very hot women: Houston is right up there with great looking women as well. So, if you choose women over cows...plenty of hot women here! South Texas sucks, anything past San Antonio. Austin is on fire! Dallas Rocks and Houston is awsome.
    That is why Austin has been the number 1 city for quality of living, moving to and income growth. Take a look at the skyline son! 10 new massive buildings in the last 3 years while most cities outside Texas are sucking wind.
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    The fine folks in California just voted back all their liberal politicians and love paying for illegal aliens. More than half of all high school students in California are now hispanic or latino. And, the California Supreme Court just ruled that illegals are entitled to taxpayer subsidized in-state college tuition rates.

    So, the answer to your question is NO. Go smoke some pot. You'll feel better and won't care about the crap your state finds itself in. Eventually it will fall off into the ocean so what does it matter anyway?
  8. sure there are a few interesting areas in texas like austin but oh my god the heat in the summer time.
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    Well wait a minute, they aren't really illegal since the land belonged to them earlier.

    Out here we think of them as people displaced by colonial imperialism who are exercizing their "right of return".

    Essentially we welcome them into a sanctuary city, provide them with documentation, federally subsidized housing, food stamps, pre-natal and post-natal medical care, utility subsidy and full primary education for their kids. That doesn't seem like much if you really think about it. Its not like we are supplying them with a new car and a toaster oven. Its American for crying out loud.

    Where is your generosity? Can't you see what is happening to innocent people down in Mexico? Many would argue that we caused those problems and so are responsible for the migration of refugees.

    And pot has been proven to be harmless and helps support those poor people down south.

    You seem like a nice person and probably just need a little explanation of things out west here. I'm happy to explain since we really need some federal help and people should know the real situation if they have to pitch-in.

    :D :D :D
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    You've obviously not been to Texas if you think the girls aren't attractive. They are 10x better than Cali and there isn't even a comparison to the dogs in NYC.

    Phoenix is the only city in the US that could challenge Dallas/Austin in terms of attractive women.
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