Americans ‘Hooked’ on Government Benefits

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  1. Political dysfunction is often blamed for Congress’s inability to curb the U.S. budget deficit. An even bigger obstacle may be the American public.

    A record 49 percent of Americans live in a household where someone receives at least one type of government benefit, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. And 63 percent of all federal spending this year will consist of checks written to individuals for which the government receives currently no services, the White House budget office estimates. That’s up from 46 percent in 1975 and 18 percent in 1940.

    How goes Mr. Obama´s slogan: Yes, we can! ....change... :cool:
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    didn't read the article but i wonder how much of that is going to seniors who paid into soc sec for 45 years,and how that number could be trimmed by policing medicare fraud where the hospitals and nursing homes give countless unnecessary tests,over medicate,and overcharge very profitably
  3. Don't get your hopes up. We have a really bad entitlement mentality, and even this poor grown baby didn't get denied:
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    there is a ton of that thousands of cases,but there are 100's of thousand's seniors in hospitals paying $30(?) for meals 3 times a day and $6 for aspirin,on uncle sam,thanks to our distinguished elected americans and their friends, lobbyists
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    Exactly. And how much better it could be if Social Security taxes had been set aside to gain interest for all these years instead of being placed into the general fund. Congress simply can't control their desire to spend. Human nature I suppose.

  6. It's the new norm guys.

    Nothing is going to change this. The US is not heading, it is already at the point were Socialism and class warfare are the only two political ideas that will prevent a nation wide revolution.

    We are starting our first decade as a "EURO STYLE" socialistic economy.

    we are loosing massive ground to the Asian Tigers and the balance of power has's not shiffting as many pundits what you to believe.

    The only power we have right now is Military and that is about to be cut huge.

    We are a second world nation as I right this, we are not First World!

    I deal with the entire World. I have clients in far out places such as Papa New Guinea to China. I have clients in EU to Central America.
    I am dealing with business on a global level and deal with it first hand.

    We are loosing edge so fast it isn't funny. While our Political Body if fucking off, both sides, other countries are taking advantage of opportunities to bring Manufacturing, Investments, et all to their countries. And do not kid yourself, it is flowing faster to the rest of the world than into the US.

    our Gov. has failed us. Our Public Corporations have failed us and the simple minded people of our Country have failed us.

    One of my ongoing projects is to fund domestic Oil/Gas wells. While we are funding many successful wells and investors are gaining profits......what I'm not seeing is "Manufactures" pop'n up all over the country. I am either helping Private Manufactures relocate their entire Plant(s) or I am finding buyers from Foreign countries to purchase those plants. Depending on the situation, the Plants will either be relocated by the new owners....overseas or they well be dismanteled. Many, taking capital equipment and shipping them overseas and then sitting on the empty building, renting the building, or selling the bldg.

    Our energy structure, infrastructure is also for sale folks. I see so many deals that are confidential and that I can not speak about, going to China.

    now, IMHO China is not an enemy. They are doing what we did during the Industrial Revolution, except in modern terms, they are expanding their Revolution across the world. Buying up natural resources from pathetic countries, like ours, who are willing to liquidate at the right price.

    So, bottom line folks. WAKE THE FUCK UP. This is it. Stop dreaming about the past, stop hoping for the return of what use to be. IT IS NOT COMING BACK. Accept this reality. Accept what is happening to this country and capitalize on it. I'm not saying loose hope! Hope is a good thing. But to blindly HOPE and WISH will only fool you and when you wake up to are beyond fucked.

    There are plenty of things going on in industries where many can make money. One may not be able to stay in the US to find his/her way to success. One may have to venture outside the US. Or, end up doing what I do and tap into a Global Business Growth Channel.

    FREELOADERS are the norm in this country now. Freeloaders including the 9 to5 ers who buy things they can't really afford. They are FREELOADING off of extended credit which will haunt them till their death, if not destroy them before then.
  7. Actually, Social Security moneys were originally placed into a separate trust and the American people were PROMISED specifically that those funds would remain segregated and NOT become part of the "general fund". Then, in 1958 if memory serves, some ASSHOLE DEMOCRAT said, "they'll never use all that money"... and Congress got their lying, grubby, thieving little hands on it.

    You know the rest.
  8. Reality is US has a long standing Social contract with its citizens: Social Security, Medicare and many other benefits.

    American's retirement funds are invested in Government sanctioned schemes and every transaction you engage in is generally taxed.

    Welfare, Food stamps, unemployment benefits cost a fraction of the funds used to bail out / prop up foreign banks and the funds get injected into the local economy.

    Whose sucking on whose tit? Government employs 40% of the US work force (Military state, federal, and prime contractors). How about the 40% that work for our govt?

    How an you compare $10000 in aid provided to a real person to $1T paid in bail outs? What about every dime paid in foreign aid? Who is paying for us to police the world?

    I think it sucks that people are out of work and having to rely on govt hand outs to survive. NAFTA, Outsourcing, Free Trade just means our standards of living will average down to the levels of the rest of the world.
  9. You really showed yourself to be an econ illiterate in the last paragraph. Bailouts to banks (foreign or domestic)? A big problem. Free trade: a good thing, though NAFTA and other arrangements aren't necessary and do more harm than good.
  10. EMERGLOBAL :I deal with the entire World. I have clients in far out places such as Papa New Guinea to China. I have clients in EU to Central America.
    I am dealing with business on a global level and deal with it first hand.

    In that case maybe you ought to get back to work:D
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