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  1. I know Ron Paul is off the radar and likely will not be on it again. But the point is not about "Ron Paul per se", but rather his views on issues... his overall platform... a similar platform which might be supported by another candidate in a future election...

    Nevertheless, in reading some responder's post to a thread on another board, poster said something to the effect... "Paul is a right-wing wacko. People wouldn't want to live in a society governed by his policies...."

    I was taken aback by poster's words. And while I don't agree with Paul on every issue, I've thought he and most of his policies are what America needs... especially now.

    Here's a link which describes where he stands on a number of issues. I've only perused them but will soon take the time to read them carefully and make a tally. How many I agree with, disagree with, and am neutral upon...

    I'll report back my tally with results broken down by "Issues of Major Importance (to me)"... and those of "Minor Importance".

    I'd be interested if others did the same and reported back on this thread.
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    Anyone who would consider Paul to be a "right wing wacko" is severely misinformed. He's clearly neither right wing nor left wing. Although I don't agree with him on every issue, he's still a better option than the same shit they've been shoveling around every four years.
  3. Probably made by another misinformed leftist who hasn't lived
    long enough or hates freedom and would rather have big brother boss he/she around. Internet is littered with these trolls.

    These worthless pieces of humanity are prime candidates for the
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  4. I guess I'm more of a supporter of "Right-wing wacko" Ron Paul than I thought...

    Tally... Major (to me) issues

    18 issues, 18 agree

    If there had been a number of "disagree", I'd have to weigh the balance and perhaps change my vote.

    Tally... Minor issues

    33 issues... 15 agree, 3 disagree, 15 neutral

    If ALL of the minor issues had been "disagree", it would not have changed my vote.
  5. Which country/government (if any) currently implements all of, or a significant portion of, Paul's methodology?
  6. His platform isn't really a dogma. I think it pertains only, and as it should, to USA. It's more of how America was originally intended by Founding Fathers and how it used to be. We've degraded much over the last 200 years.

    Did you read the points from the link? Seems mostly like common sense, respecting individual freedoms over government control and intervention.. high regard for the Constitution... all of which I favor.

    This is a sad thing to say....

    When I was young I often thought of how I was going to succeed... maybe BIG time in some area... what I was going to make of myself and the benefits which might go along with my success, whatever it was.

    In my golden years, I worry a lot. About how my own government is running roughshod over my life (not just since Obama... started in the Clinton administration, if I recall), infringing upon my personal liberties, planning to confiscate my success in one form or another.... likely even bankrupting me.... and perhaps even worse things. I, and all of us, deserve to have our minds on other things at this point in our lives... :mad:
  7. I read through most of the wikipedia link, specifically the financial/IRS and social aspects.

    My own views are fiscally conservative/libertarian and socially very liberal. It seems like a lot of Paul's views mirror my own. I am in a position to work/live anywhere I'd like, hence I'm curious to find any real-world manifestations of Paul's dogma.

    At this time, I slightly regret becoming a US citizen several years ago. I think Obama is a good thing for the majority in many ways, but, I also believe the government here is overwhelming and largely ineffective. One man cannot "change" an ingrained U.S. mentality that is slowly eroding the work ethic and integrity that I once (idealistically) believed to be the cornerstone of the US. Between the entitlements, taxation and my own observations of the work habits of certain friends (who happen to be governement/state employees), I do not believe my economic input is being utilized to any worthwhile degree at this time. Given an adequate alternative, I will take my economic input elsewhere.

  8. I suspect you won't find it. Government ALWAYS wants more... more control, more of the people's money.

    America was founded to NOT be that way. Yet slowly, the ways of man and the ways of politics have caused us to slide and degrade to be more and more like most governments.

    According to Dick Morris... if one includes the stimulus bill as "government spending", then among prominent governments already only Sweden and France are MORE socialistic than the USA! And Obama has plans to make us MUCH more socialistic! We will probably end up being the MOST socialistic nation on the planet. The guy is truly the antithesis of what we've historically thought of as "American"... :mad:

    In the past, immigrants could hardly wait to come to the USA.. "the land of the free".. "the land of opportunity".

    Now it's more "the land of the social hand-out".
  9. One of the few intelligent things you have ever posted.
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