American Zionism. The Real Problem

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  1. The place that Jews fled to after the Spanish inqusition was the Middle East. The difference between Jews and Zionists is that Jews came in peace while zionists came to kill and steal.

    The place that fled migrated to after the Armenian genocide was the Middle East. The difference between Armenian and Zionists is that Armenians came in peace while zionists came to kill and steal.

    The place that chechnyans fled to after the WWI Russian genocide was the Middle East. The difference between Cheshnians and Zionists is that chechnyans came in peace while zionists came to kill and steal.

    Some towns of the West Bank are made of people who are the decedents of the Crusaders. After the Crusaders left, these people found it safe to stay behind and become part and parcel of the society. It is so funny that the strongest Hamas support are in these towns.

    Mongols who devastated us found it safe to stay behind and prosper even after they devastated our civilization. Want proof??? Look at Muqtada Al Sader's face.
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  2. /us and israel's war plans

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  3. wtf?

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  4. You just gave dddooo a heart attack!! You just deprived him from the privilege of claiming that zionism represent the Jewish faith.

    Sham on you TT2.
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  5. Naturei Karta. Yawn, what else is knew, they reprsent jews, judaism, zionism or Israel abous as much as the American taliban John Walker Lingh represents the US, anarchists represent political parties in this country or the Branch Davidian cult represents Christianity - iow a miniscule number of fringe inconsequential idiots.

    What's kind of ironic in this case is that Naturei Karta actually believes that Israel (including Judea and Samaria and Gaza) does belong to the jews with the only difference that "the restoration of the Land of Israel to the Jews should only happen with the coming of the Messiah", not with the coming of Herzl, Jabotinsky and Ben-Gurion.
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  7. Palestinians set fire to West Bank synagogue for second time

    Worshippers who arrived at the site to find the building in flames, its contents - including prayer books and torah scrolls - destroyed.

    A monument in memory of Yair Mendelson, who was killed in a terrorist attack during the first intifada, was destroyed as well. A children's play structure was also vandalized.
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  8. Holly shit! So dddooo...Guess your zionist guys are planning another land grab???

    You piece of shit know that we are caged in Ramallah and the surrounding villages. You also know that any road leading to and from any of your illegal settlements is Jewish only roads as all of the roads going in and out of the settlements. You also know that any Palestinian that approaches your illegal settlements will be ripped apart by your military positions. YOU ALSO KNOW THAT ACT IS A ZIONIST PRETEXT TO EITHER EXPAND A settlement OR STEAL MORE LAND. Been there... done that dddooo. Go ask your settlers who do daily raids like packs of rabid dogs whos interest does it serve to burn an empty synagog.
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