American veterans say Israeli attack on USS Liberty was deliberate

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Code7, Apr 18, 2010.

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    LOL you are shocked

    YOU ARE shocked, who the hell are you to be shocked.

    Would you be equally shocked to know that USA used population of France as experimental subjects with LSD as well as their own soldiers.

    Would you be shocked to know that HIV was released on purpose in hepatitis B vaccine on homosexuals in New York in 1980s.

    Would it shock you to know that even now US military has secret space program that is completely separate from NASA.

    Military Astronauts are secret and their launches are never televised

    What do you know about the world you live in.


    You are shocked. Don't make me laugh :cool:
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    Goddam you're an idiot.
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    Some of the survivors of the attack on the Liberty take out full page ads in newspapers from time to time to let the public know that the attack was deliberate.

    Whether or not you believe the attack was deliberate, the story given by the Israeli government and the Israeli naval reserve sailors who carried out the attack are preposterous. They were obviously lying.
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    Don't worry I feel the same way about you.

    For LSD facts look up Government of France.
    For HIV facts look up genetic research of rhesus monkey HIV and hep b vaccine from 1980s

    For US military space program, look up on google, "huge space machines" and their origin

    And to throw a complete curve-ball to your fragile psyche. Did you know that WTC7 imploded perfectly at almost free fall speed and no plane hit it on 9/11.

    Have fun in your little world of CNN and FOX news :)
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    I would be fooled like most Americans if I didn't live in another country where I was for years watching LEGIT contrails

    they dissipate in minutes in any altitude, within 8 min it is gone, the longest time 8 min

    These Chemtrails are smokey and larger and last from 30 min - 2 hr.

    I do not know why they are spraying, but they are definitely spraying.

    I'll post youtube videos of this topic on national TV news and leaked pictures of modified spray planes.

    if this is not potentially dangerous for us, why the secrecy.

    Why not come out and say, look we are trying to save the planet and this is what we are doing ???
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    if anyone needs more info just ask
  10. there's gotta be a reason for this spray

    anybody wants to comment on the reasons
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