American support for Israel increases dramatically

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  1. On the current Middle East conflict between Hezbollah and Israel, more than two-thirds -- 68 percent -- said their sympathies lie with Israel, compared to only 6 percent who sympathize with Hezbollah. Eleven percent said they sympathized with neither, while another 11 percent had no opinion.

    Forty-one percent said they thought Israel's military reaction to the July 12 kidnapping of its soldiers by Hezbollah -- which triggered the current conflict -- was "about right," but 32 percent said it went too far.

    Respondents were also split about what Israel should do now. Forty-six percent said it should continue its military campaign until Hezbollah is unable to launch attacks against it; 44 percent said Israel should agree to a cease-fire as soon as possible.

    Asked whether Israel, Lebanon and Hezbollah are allies of the United States, 82 percent said they either considered Israel an ally or "friendly, but not an ally;" 37 percent said Lebanon was "friendly, but not an ally;" and 69 percent said Hezbollah was either "unfriendly" toward the United States or an enemy.

    A majority, 51 percent, said they favor the presence of U.S. ground troops in an international peacekeeping force on the Israeli-Lebanese border.

    On U.S. aid to Israel, 49 percent said they believed the economic aid should stay at the current level, and 51 percent said they thought military aid should stay at the same level.
  2. I've found the best coverage of this war during the day to be on Pat Robertson's CBN channel. The Israeli Ambassador to the US was on the other day, and I was impressed that he made a special point to thank American Christians for their support. Too bad Jews in the US don't think that way.

    The mainstream media has shown a shocking lack of balance in coverage, with the bulk of it devoted to crying women and dead babies in Lebanon. What do they think happens in a war? Particularly when one side hides behind civilians? PBS has totally jettisoned any impartiality as well. If possible, they are worse than the mainstream media. Clearly, PBS has lost all fear of the Republican congress and is back to its old ways of pushing a one-sided leftwing view point on this and every other issue.
  3. I wonder what Hezbollah would have to do to convince the 31% who apparently didn;t consider them an enemy? They've murdered hundreds of Americans over the years, including the infamous Beirut truck bombing of the Marine barracks, kidnapped American diplomats and killed them and tortured the CIA station chief in Beirut to death.
  4. The European news channels like SkyNews were much more sympathetic to the Lebanese than US media, including PBS. In general, I felt that Europe, including Great Britain, is mad at Israel, and believes that this is David Vs. Goliath again. They are rooting for the underdogs...

    Even the few Australians tourists that I met in Europe literally made fun of the US policies. It is weird, but I thought the Aussies and the Brits were US supporters.

    Anyway, time and time again history has proved that hubris brings downfall inspite of superior arms and armies. Perhaps history is repeating itself.

  5. Here's a recent video of (Hezbollah leader) Hassan Nasrallah leading a massive crowd in chants of "Death to America! America the Great Satan! America the enemy of the Muslims!"

    Not enough evidence yet?
  6. I am sure that in Israel, your zionist pals are taking to the streets waving Syrian and Iranian flags and chanting long live Bashar Al Asad and Ahmadi Najat for their support for Hizeb Allah...Right Rearden??
  7. Hezbollah could never do anything enough to convince those 31%.

    Those moonbats fervently believe that, no matter the horrors committed by Hezbollah or any other terrorist organization, the US is the root cause and must reap what it has sown. Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, et al. are decent people who are just fighting against the tyranny that is the US of A...
  8. Not for the moonbats.

    You could show them video of hooded Hezbollah members sawing off the heads of boy scouts and brownies, and the moonbat response would be, "it's Bush's fault. He's the real terrorist. Those boy scouts and brownies are clearly CIA agents who were caught trying to spread our policy of Empire."
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