american students don't know the basics

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    no. But what's important is that we do not challenge or encourage our more intelligent students, because that would hurt the dummies' feelings. No child left behind = whole country left behind.
  3. Who the F cares about cursive? If it was so damn important then why am I typing is non cursive (print)?
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    Cursive becomes less and less relevant. Everything is typed.
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    americam educational establishment is more concerned with the educational gap between whites and asians vs. black and spanish then with america's educational gap with the rest of the world.
    it is typical for the liberals who dominate US education.
  6. I just checked my desk, and there's not a single thing in sight written in cursive. In fact, the only hand writing is on postit notes, and those are printed. Everything else came from a printer or a copier.

    If cursive's dead, it's because there's no need for it any more.
  7. How do you get from cursive writing to that rant?

    Many of the advantages of cursive are no longer useful in the electronic age, basically we can type and send off a text before the cursive writer can even finish licking the stamp:
    According to Wikipedia:
    "The origin of the cursive style is associated with practical advantages (writing speed, sparse pen lifting avoids ink smudges with the quill) and the individuality of the provenance of a document, as opposed to machine font"
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    1. check the definition and usage of the word rant.
    2. the "rant" was in response to another post.


    What is so important about cursive when many of these students lack basic math?

    lack of basic math skills is a very important issue.
  9. Exactly. I mean I can type about 5 times faster than writing by hand. Cursive is really only good if you are signing your name to a check.

    I'm sure this same conversation took place 3000 years ago or so when the elder people were complaining that the younger generation did not know how to carve into stone when they started using paper.
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