American reject Republican politics

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  1. What a rejection it is!

    Obama Raises More Than $150 Million in September

    and here is the real kicker

    The average contribution, Mr. Plouffe said, was $86.

    And who is giving to Obama?

    No, it's not the Republican Washington Lobbyists.

    “The two groups that have given us the most contributions are retirees and students, which shows how Barack’s call for change has spanned the generations,” Mr. Plouffe said. “Nurses, teachers, small business owners. It really is the fabric of America that has built this campaign.”

    All I can say is , the majority of Americans definitely are putting their wallet where their mind is

    they are tired of republican corruption, incompetence, nonsensical wars and delusions of grandeur.
  2. Sense you are such a strong advocate of Obama could you give me some logical reasons as to why and how increases in taxes on people and businesses that make over $250,000 will help the economy in it's present state?
  3. This might be the best investment around. Send $86 to get Obama elected then Obama will send you a $500 check he steals from the few dumb wealthy who can get out of paying the new tax.
    BTW because the wealth tax will never generate the revenue it says on paper, the rest come general revenues.

  4. OMG... to get back to parity the wealthy and rich may now have to write off even more illegal "business expenses" to reduce their taxes !



    Pllleease, don't tell me that businesses do not write off many many many expenses that are borderline non-deductible or outright fraudulent. I know they do. I have had friends tell me over and over again how they cheat. I had a firm. I know how easy it is to rationalize that something is deductible when the wage-earner has to pay his or her taxes fully, and with limited opportunity for illegal "write-offs" or ability to hide cash and receipts.
  5. Exactly.

    That's all these one trick ponies can talk about.

    Higher Taxes

    Higher Taxes

    Higher Taxes

    How boring. :p
  6. Div_Arb


    Well folks, it looks like this child was left behind. Perhaps you should not worry about politics until you have a better grasp of the english language. Something tells me you are not making over $250,000 so stop worrying about it.


  7. first, there is no point in you worrying about Obamas tax plan because I can state, unequivocally, that you will not be affected by his tax plan.

    You make no where near 250K a year.

    second, many small businesses do NOT make, i.e. NET TAKE HOME anywhere near 250K a year, after paying FICA,SS,and all the rest of the BS hidden and obvious taxes.

    The problem with you people is your ideological imbecility confuses your logic.

    Third. Any small business owner generating MORE THAN 250K NET AFTER TAX, will always have a good accountant to make sure he keeps income BELOW 250K.

    I should mention the Estate tax break was Bushes gift to his wealthy buddies. It expires in 2010 and Obama plans to let it expire.

    How on earth is that raising taxes?
  8. The only reason these people have 86 bucks to send in is because Bush is President.
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    Why are you people elated about the Dems saving you money? They just stole more than 2 trillion from your pockets a few weeks ago? Are you supporters f*cking that dense?

    Yes, the Reps are bitches too!

    We should rename 99% of all GOV officials as Financial terrorists.

    Instead of putting 250 billion into good banks that did responsible lending, they just gave that money to the crooks that just broke one off in all of our asses.

    I guess being a citizen of this country only requires one thing. NO COMMON SENSE!