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  1. Told you guys that the american military has been out there raping and murding helpless children :D!!!!! Happy holidays everybody !! :D

    BAGHDAD, Iraq, July 6 — The United States ambassador and the top American military commander here together issued an unusual apology on Thursday for the rape and murder of a young Iraqi woman and the killing of her family, saying that the crime, in which at least four soldiers are suspects, had injured the "Iraqi people as a whole."
  2. At least FOUR soldiers suspected to be involved in the rape of a 15 year girl, and the murder of her younger sister, her mother and father?!

    What the f#ck is going on over there?
  3. War is a nasty business that brings out the worst in humans. It should be invoked judiciously. The kids are getting fueled up on a war where they are getting shot at and dying but do not see the enemy. Mortars in the night ,IED's in the day. Frustration has set in. We need to help them find ways to avoid frustration etc.
  4. dude thats not a very timely comment don't u think??
  5. to which comment are you referring??
  6. Speaking as a former Marine who participated in the Somalia Operations in 1993 for 6 months.

    Stress under battle field conditions warp the mind. Exposure to these conditions day after day....week after week change a man. when you cant walk down the street for fear for the car your standing next to blowing up...or into a home for fear of getting shot you will change. When you are surrounded by people that want to kill you day after day you will tend to take out your frustrations on ANY available target. When the people you are supposedly sent to help are the ones killing your brothers you would take out your frustrations on them.

    That being said. This is a disgusting despicable act. And these "soldiers" should be punished to the farthest extent of the law. If convicted of being guilty. And it shames me as a veteran they have done this

    Also, there are always the minority..the bad guys. 99.99% of our troops are good people....actually great people. Doing a fantastic job.

    mahram, you seem to be happy about this. Are you truly that sick and fucked up that rape and murder makes you happy?
  7. Somebody speaking from the heart and rationally.

    Thanks for your explanations indahook.
  8. I rarely post links here, and this one from the NYT is sure to send the wingnuts into a lather, but it just happened to cross my desk this morning.

    It seems reasonable to assume that

    "...pressure on recruiters, particularly for the Army, to meet quotas that are more difficult to reach because of the growing unpopularity of the war in Iraq."

    might have something to do with freaks like this slipping thorugh the cracks.

    Look, the vast majority (i.e. 99%) of service men and women would obviously condemn this. If you're looking at an institutional group which would be particularly likely to attract those who could commit such crimes, it's not a dis to say that it might be the military, which after all involves getting trained to kill. You don't get automatic weapons and learn how to mortally wound in hand-to-hand combat when you sign up for a USPS job. This kind of thing will always happen when troops get sent into combat situations. Don't get me wrong - it's f**ing sickening.

    This tragedy doesn't change the fact that the real problem is the definition of the role that these young people are being asked to fulfill, and the strategic value of America's ongoing combat footing in Iraq vis-a-vis the war on terror.

    EDIT: indahook's post had not yet gone up when I was writing this, but yes, I agree - mahram's glee is despicable. Typical of fanatics - just like when they fire their machine guns in the air after they learn that they've murdered more innocent people. Those smileys are the coward's equivalent.
  9. agree with that... earlier comment was a reaction to claywilk's, not on substance, more on tact-type stuff, and he WAS relatively tactful though... but i mean, this girl and her family just got butchered... its true that those kids (marines) are caught in the madness but, perhaps its best to just let people vent & mourn a bit first... and yeah, glee in such circumstances is shameful, like, very... but i don't think thats what mahram means though...

    anyway... pretty sad day...

    checking out...
  10. no, just saying I told you so. Everybody was saying this wasnt like vietnam. Well iraq has become a vietnam echo. But all the lessons still not learned. And those lessons are taken out on the people of iraq.

    Idahook, as a fromer marine, if a marine raped,beatup, and murdered your daughter, and killed your family, how would you react when you hear people going its war it happens. Would you go that is life, or go these people really dont care about us.

    Idahook, if the united states want to help iraq. How come, the united states arent willing to make the monetary or military sacrifices. Why are teh americans so afraid to spend the money necessary, even if it means a recession and hard times for americans for the wellbeing of iraqis. Or start a draft to really secure the borders of iraq?
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