American men in their 30s today are worse off than their fathers' generation

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  2. Actually, if you had a brain, you would know that you can't claim it a fallacious argument, until you know that they are not surveying both fathers, and their sons for wage comparisons.

    I don't have a clue why people don't think the article is accurate.

    We all know (though many right wing apologists will deny) that wages have not kept up with real inflation.

    It is a fraud actually, denial of wages not climbing in direct correlation to real inflation over the past years.

    Sort of reminds me how movie theaters talk about the records being broken for box office receipts, but they always fail to mention the increase in ticket prices. The don't talk about the number of people actually paying to see a movie...

    It is all about trying to spin something in their favor, when the reality is different.

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  3. Same spin. I don't know whether wages have or have not kept up with "real" inflation.

    By what measure?

    Within professions or just within this meaningless "all "American's type stuff.

    The Robert Young character of the 50's is still the Robert Young demographic today. Except in the 50's Pedro the gardner was 1% of the sample data and today he's 25% of the pool.

    MOST white collar workers have kept pace. I haven't seen lawyers, doctors, teachers and NBA players beefing about compensation. I do see a lot of beefing by nethanderals whose work skills can be imitated by an Mexican or Asian.

    These trends are about the Brazilianation of America. The white ruling class will not only continue to prosper but they will continue to outperform. Everyone else best be happy cleaning a rich guy's pool.

    Not to mention asset inflation. I'll swap 3x appreciation on my home for a 5% loss in purchasing power all day long.

    It's like these inane real estate articles saying San Diego, Miami and Honolulu are over priced based on wages. Well hello but I don't think the average buyer seeking paradise in Del Mar is concerned with the Union-Tribune's job section.

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  4. "I don't know whether wages have or have not kept up with "real" inflation."

    Another dopey answer from a dope.

    Any fool can see that minimum wage was not raised for nearly 10 years (uhhh, no inflation during that time frame?)...

    Why is it so difficult for you to admit that the middle class is shrinking, debt levels have increased, bankruptcies are up, more people are living below the poverty level, etc.?

    Are you afraid it will shatter your self absorbed bubble that everything in America is fine?

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  5. Given that I'm short $1.5 million of Treasury Bond futures I'm hardly an "America is fine" type.

    Only morons who're misled by statistics fail to grasp demographic changes that alter surveyed results.

    It's not the same America.

    Roe vs. wade has gutted the American middle class. Now we import manual labor.

    Until a generation ago the middle class was all white. Now it's multi-racial.

    A sample of any revitalized American city will illustrate the changes. Women who used to marry at 21 are now single at 28, college grads, white collar job, condo owning 401k'ers.

    Her blue collar dad is retired in Phoenix and a Mexican is driving his old forklift down at the plant.

    These stories of middle class angst, not keeping up blah, blah are 70's shit. It's over. There hasn't been a white blue collar America since before most of ET was born.....

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  7. Come on Pabst. You used to be 200 up back in the day. Surely you can afford to swing bigger than a 15 lot.
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  8. Nice point about the movie theaters, but why would you think wages and inflation should be connected? Of course I understand the total unfairness of it all, but in a free economy wages should increase in line with productivity not inflation. Unions are the enemy of productivity, so it is not surprising that wages in union-dominated industries have not kept pace.

    Clearly we are seeing changes in the distribution of profits. Workers are claiming less, shareholders and particularly CEO's are claiming more. Globalization and free trade have increased competition for workers but have increased opportunities for capital and those who own it and manage it. The long term ramifications are not totally clear at this point. The country has never been more prosperous, profits have never been better and we have never had more enlightened politicla leadership...ok just kidding about that last part. Clearly there are losers. but from what I can see, most people are doing very well.
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  9. Don't remind me, agh......:D
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  10. You know, part of the problem is that white American folks now (you know, white folks...those who you and other right wingers are talking about as an endangered species) are not having as many kids...BECAUSE THEY CAN'T AFFORD THEM AND KEEP THE LIFESTYLE THEY GREW UP WITH AND THAT THEY GOT USED TO HAVING.

    So what happens, the immigrants come flowing in, because they are willing to live with less, have a crap load of kids, where the white folks are not willing to live that they don't have kids, and the demographics change, which yall bitch about constantly.

    It is purely greed driven economics at the expense of society, and the history of the white middle class enjoying life without too much debt and having sufficient prosperity for a man to work, and from his wages be able to afford to raise a family.

    So when the white ET republicans bitch and moan about the changing demographics, they should understand that the government and businesses in America have not taken care of the white middle class, protected their jobs and kept pace with wages, so we are slowly becoming a third world country, all in the name of greed and a pyramid scheme nature of business...and yall blame the government for allowing the businesses to hire the illegals and keep the wages artificially low...yet the government is unwilling to make necessary changes because they are always pandering to voters and lobby groups, rather than doing the right thing.

    Face it, Americans have not taken care of other Americans (plug in white if you wish) because of their own greed, which began to be glorified in the Reagan era. "Greed is good" and all that crapola.

    The business owners are to blame, and the government allowing businesses to destroy labor unions and export jobs, and all in the name of free market and capitalism.

    So that is what we will end up with, a free market, globalization, ruling class and lower class, and end of the great American prosperity that followed WWII.

    It is not socialism or entitlement that is to blame, it is the greed of the business owners and corrupt government officials who have been short sighted.

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