American looking to move to remote Canadian wilderness

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  1. fatrat


    I've been entertaining some thoughts about moving into the boonies of Canada. If not permanently, then just by buying land in some place like the Northwest Territories and living in a cabin and fishing.

    So I did my research, started looking at real estate, and I find that I can buy land on the cheap. In those cases, they aren't always connected to the power grid. When I find that there is power and water, the amount of land available drops.

    So now, I'm looking at this place that's about 30 grand, totally out there in the boonies, has a fishing stream, a well, some electricity. Has a telephone line hook-up, and I could probably run a satellite internet hook-up. If I take a mortgage out on the place, I shell out $350/month, and can do this while I live in New York city.

    If the US collapses or the dollar goes to crap, I figure I can go live in the boonies off of fish.

    How insane am I, and how realistic is this plan? Canadians, please chime in. Your country is beautiful, your land is cheap, and you don't have idiots wrecking your currency as bad as our government is wrecking ours. Why should I not be in Canada?
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    sounds good in theory but most people would get bored out of their minds after a few weeks
  3. fatrat


    I live in New York City, and I am bored out of my mind. I don't see how one can get bored of nature, fishing, water, snowmobiles, and fresh air.

    .... and the security of knowing your currency won't plummet into the abyss tomorrow, or that your government won't seize gold in a crisis because YOUR fiat currency still seems to hold value.
  4. LMAO - go for it.
    I hear that if you go over one month without talking to anyone - you mind really clears up and you see things more clearly.
    And in this age of satelite TV and phones - no wilderness is really that 'remote' anymore.
    You'd probably have to take some illegal immigrants from America up there to help build your cabin.
  5. The land up there might be cheap but that's probably the only thing. Nobody with any sanity lives up there unless they have to. Just your flight from New York up there is going to cost a couple of thousand dollars. Then when you get there, if you can find a grocery store nearby, you're probably going to pay several times the normal price for anything.

    I wouldn't worry too much about running out of money though. You'll probably freeze to death before the first winter even starts. It gets so cold up there that I've heard of a man whose pigs didn't come home until his words thawed out in the spring.

    Here's a poem about my namesake describing someone just like you from the States that thought it might be nice to move to Canada's north:

    In reality, if you're from New York, why don't you just drive a few hours to the middle of your state and look for some cheap mountainland.
  6. fatrat


    If Mitt Romney can hire illegals, so can I.

    I'm so fed up with the US, I want to live in the middle of nowhere and force myself to either: 1) appreciate what I have now, 2) find peaceful retirement on subsistence living, or 3) just lose a lot of weight trying to hack it on no income.

    Maybe I'll make a web site about how I did it. NYC is so not healthy, I feel like my mind and body are being poisoned. I look at photos of remote Canada, and I feel like I could have closer relationships with the bears than the people who live next door in my overpriced co-op piece of crap in Manhattan.
  7. fatrat


    Ok, what about the more remote areas of New Brunswick or Nova Scotia?

    The issue with the US and real estate here is that we're still tied to the dollar. I went to the Virgin Islands looking for real-estate and realized that a dollar collapse and a commodities price-shock would create total chaos on an island.

    On the flip side, if I go into remote Canada and have a high-powered hunting rifle and a fishing, I will always be able to eat. If there's a salmon hole somewhere, I'll eat smoked salmon every day and mingle with the bears.
  8. MGB


    Here's what I would do...

    I would rent a cabin in the mountains somewhere in Canada. Stay there for several months.

    If you like the lifestyle, buy some land. If you don't like the lifestyle, then you go back to NYC or rent a different place.
  9. I am afraid friend you a bit late. I am still considering moving to Canada, but not until the Loonie goes down in value. The reason it's so high is oil and gold is up. It will pull back to parity soon enough. Actually I am thinking about shoring the Loonie and the Euro both.
  10. Bob111


    did you ever tried that? when did you camp last time?for how long?
    imo-plain stupid. living off the grid is no fun at all. specially up there.there is article in popular mechanics about guy,who tried to save 15K and skip the electric grid... i suggest you to read it. if you bored in NY-you will be bored x1000. and what about chicks?who you going to f*ck?salmon or bear? you have have spermatoxicose on next week after fresh air and smoked salmon :)
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