American Insurrection coming

Discussion in 'Politics' started by peilthetraveler, Jul 6, 2009.

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  2. Beck has been trying to foment civil unrest since Pres. Obama's inauguration.

    He will be doing it until his ratings start to fall.

    He is a nutbird of the first order.
  3. Interesting. Seems these days the left and right have some grievances in common where distributing bailout money to wall street that finds its way into bonus checks are concerned. Towards the videos end Beck almost gives the insurrection his blessing by comparing the book with American Revolutionaries'
    pamphlet campaign and saying the left knows the story of the American Revolution better than the right and that people are fed up. How long has the left been talking about socialism for fat cats. Of course he can't come right out and say, its what the right should be doing.
  4. When exactly has Beck called for violence?
  5. He has set a tone. The tone is the government is the enemy. He then refers to the founders as the model to follow to remediate this situation.

    Cmon Dr. J. this is silly for u to play such games.:)
  6. LOL. You are an idiot.
  7. aegis


    No empire lasts forever, and the United States is no exception.

    The same oligarchy that existed 300 years ago still exists today. Perhaps they go about their business in a more subtle way. They've studied history and have learned from their mistakes. The quick and bloody transfer of wealth doesn't go over well with the commoners.

    The power grab we've seen in the United States and most of the developed world is unprecedented. Perhaps people aren't paying close enough attention because it's happening too slowly.

    Those who wish to remedy the situation are in a better position to act sooner rather than later. Social change doesn’t occur when a people are totally subjugated. Rather, it occurs when people still have a taste of freedom.

    The government is not the enemy. The government is in bed with the enemy. The degree of naivety required to believe otherwise is simply astounding.
  8. Yea, thats what the lobbyists want you to think.
  9. Very intelligent response there Dr. J. Keep it up.:D
  10. jem


    If people do not see that the left and now the right are working towards the same stripping of our constitutional rights they must be blind.

    I always knew the left was trying to take away my financial liberties and might rights to be an individual free of government burdern....

    But, now I see the right selling me out as well.

    Socialists vs "Corporatists" or "Bankertists"either way my futures is being compromised by those who can by the crooks who are supposed to be our elected representatives.

    I suspect the ones trying to take over via the left or the right are the same.
    #10     Jul 7, 2009