american idol

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  1. whos your idol ??

    1) a girl
    2) a fat black guy
    3) a gay whiteboy

    geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez :confused:
  2. I'm dating a fat, black, lesbian. Any questions?

  3. yea, what else do you smoke ?, besides crack ?
  4. embalming fluid mostly

    crack is my fav though yo, cause it's got so many varieties:
    coke, blow, crack-pipe, crack in a can, crack in glass, crack in steel, room temperature crack, sweet potato crack, crack of the ass, marion barry special blend crack, crack ke-bob (esp. good with chitlins and pig's feet), cherry coke crack, crack on a boat, crack in my house, crack on my roof, crack with a mouse... crack with my mom, crack with my sis, crack in the street.. right before I piss

    how's that one grab ya
  5. Ruben is freaking enormous.

  7. Tamyra Gray from last year kicked ass last night in her little outfit. :D

  8. dude, that song sucked bad !!!
  9. Clay can sing like a Mo-Fo...he sounds like rick astley..Kim Lock looks like she lost some weight...unfortunately, Reuben found it for seriously looks like he' s got two baby hippos fighting inside his shirt....the fat bastard.....Kim Lock has a decent voice but as a rule, i don't like chicks whose arms are bigger then's more of a guide line then a rule.....but she's got some junk in her this the best we have to put up there? Clay can sing but he acts like fucking tinker bell up there...the other two are just fat smelly bastards who are looking for free meals and clean toilets!

  10. She's a crack whore...rumor has it for $20.00 and some junior mints she'll jump on the hobby horse
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