American Idol: Vote for Sanjaya!

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    okay, at first i couldn't stand the guy, but ever since he wore the mohawk i can't wait to see what he's going to do next week. he's the only guy who isn't pretending on that show.

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    am I the only one to never have watched this show???
  3. No.
  4. Lucrum


    I've never seen more than a few seconds of it at any given time. And then only because my wife and step daughter watch it.
  5. A star is being born on this show:

    Any CDs she cares to make are as good as sold. Listen to her sing the song once, and I am confident that you will listen to it again. You Americans have just found yourselves another National Treasure. Really.
  6. The way everyone talks about it, I've always thought the same.

    Personally, the influx of reality shows, game shows, and competition shows (a la American Idol and the Trump show crapola) have forced me to stop watching TV. Even stopped watching market related shows. The only show I watched regularly was Heroes and that now is in hiatus.

    I am so much better off and have never felt like I am missing anything.

    Oh and every now and then I sit down with the wifey to watch the spanish novelas. Thank god for latin women.
  7. Whoa. You complain about TV content but you watch a show about superheroes? That's rich.

    In fact, I agree with you about the nauseous wave of so-called reality TV. Even so, listen to this woman sing, and then tell me that you won't listen again:
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    (Reading ET is much more entertaining!!)
  9. Only because I wish I could stop time like that chinese dude. Man, I would have the time of my life with that...:D

    Or the ability to look into the future like the crack head. I would be the first ET member to open a thread titled "$50K to $5MM in 30 days" and not be eating a bowl of shit. LOL.
  10. No way in Hell am I voting for that dork. He should save that "voice" for the call center.
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