American Idol Stock.

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  1. Ok folks it's time to get up off your asses!
    Sometimes it takes a drill sergeant to get your attention.
    Sergeant Stoney here asking have you gotten on board yet with CKXE?

    What we know. stk given to you all at $11.70.
    Highlighted again as we crossed $12.00
    re Highlighted today as we go next week from $13 to
    $14. The elevator up has begun to ascent.

    The numbers are huge viewing wise for Idol. It has broken all Idol records, in fact it has broken all TV viewing records for this year so far. Only an idol finale show with big ruben and sassy Clay Aiken has drawn more viewers.

    We Finally got some pub on CNBC and friday market pros began to sneakily make their bets....

    What I need to lock down now is one rumor that I heard which I am still working on and that is that there is a connection between David Beckham the soccer guy and CKXE. David coming to the US and the marketing possibilities would make this pick that much more interesting.

    If you guys beat me to the punch let me know!
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  2. Well I found the beckham connection and it's weird:

    Beckham's manager is Simon Fuller, the brains behind American Idol and founder of 19 Entertainment, a division of CKX (Nasdaq: CKXE), which also licenses the likeness of Elvis Presley.

    Man this Simon dude has his finger in a lot of profitable pies! How does this affect CKXE? Does it affect CKXE? If CKXE was to make Beckham a large offer that would directly enrich Simon. Looks like a non story.
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  3. UPDATE* SIMON Fuller, whoever the hell he is, TRIES STEALING THE COMPANY! What will The REAL Simon (Cowell) say? They HAVE to hold out for more $. This is thievery of the whitest color sort....

    Geez what an absolute rip! >

    Simon Fuller, the creator of the Spice Girls, and Robert Sillerman, the billionaire entertainment mogul, have launched a $1.3bn management buy-out of CKX, the company that owns the rights to the American Idol television programme.

    Mr Sillerman is the chairman and chief executive of CKX, which also owns commercial rights to the names, images and likenesses of Elvis Presley and Muhammad Ali. The group bought 19 Entertainment, which was founded by Mr Fuller, three years ago for £100m.

    In a statement released after the end of trading on Wall Street on Thursday Mr Fuller and Mr Sillerman said they had made a proposal to the CKX board to "enter into a complex series of transactions" that would value the group at $13.75 a share. Shares in the group had earlier closed down slightly at $10.62.

    Mr Sillerman founded SFX Entertainment, a sports marketing and concert promotion group that he eventually sold to Clear Channel, the media group, for more than $4bn.

    Mr Fuller, meanwhile, has developed a reputation as a creator and exporter of top UK entertainment talent.

    After founding the Spice Girls and S Club 7 and overseeing several years of chart success, he created American Idol. The programme has topped the US TV ratings for five years and helped turn Simon Cowell, one of the programme's judges, into one of the best paid entertainment stars in the US.

    More recently, Mr Fuller masterminded the transfer of David Beckham from Real Madrid to the Los Angeles Galaxy football team and hopes to use the star to bring credibility and commercial success to the sport in the US.

    Mr Fuller is also working on bringing Little Britain, the quirky UK comedy show, to US TV screens via a broadcasting deal with HBO, the pay-TV channel.

    The CKX board is expected to make an announcement on Friday after discussing the deal.
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