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  1. Can investing be as easy as buying CKXE now? They own American Idol and the show is about to return in Jan. Lots of buzz over Jennifer Hudson an Idol reject in Dreamgirls. Nice little shake out last 5 days @ $11.40 put in a higher low. Dangerous chart though -trapped beneath 50 & 200 day but as the show builds hype stock should return to $14. Hilery Kramer on AOL has always said this stock is a big winner- Just a hunch but I think you buy CKX Inc here. ~ stoney
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    Hillary Cramer also recommended SIRI in 2006.

    She picked PTR along with SIRI as picks for 2006. If your picking a stock like PTR how can you even want to associate it with SIRI in a basket of 10 stocks.

    PTR up 65% YTD
    SIRI down 45% YTD
  3. S2007S- who didn't recommend SIRI? Are we going to throw all the brokerages away too? I don't know much about Hillary Cramer except when I run across her work I like the way she writes and her opinions are forceful. Quite frankly I already made good money on this stock once and I sold out not sure if it was the real deal. It cratered pretty good so I figured it was dead- I was surprised when I learned she was sticking with it and even sticking her head out and predicting a double.

    I've been checking in on it now and then and feel now may be a time to take a stab.
  4. Crossing $12 as we speak good start I'm holding off a day or two. I like the way CKXE is trading....
    ~ stoney
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    I was in SIRI before any hype surrounded the stock at .75, I bought it when many thought it was going BANKRUPT. I ended up selling well before the rally kicked however why recommend SIRI....WHYYY!!!
  6. Well folks as predicted jennifer hudson (American Idol wannabe) won a golden Globe! That's lots of free publicity for the show just as the new season gets off the ground. NY Post piece over the weekend adding up records sold by the last several idols was impressive- so far this is a well oiled machine. Now with the hype machine in full gear we have to ask ourselves is investing as easy as buying CKXE now?

    One factor in making this decision is how many people can draw a line from american Idol to CKXE? Why oh why couldn't they have the symbol IDOL? We would have a double by now.

    Lets take a quick look at the REST of the business for CKXE: CKX (Nasdaq: CKXE) is the company which owns an 85% stake in Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc., giving it control over the licensing opportunities for the legendary singer; it also operates the Graceland estate. CKX believes that it can enhance value for its shareholders by acquiring the rights to entertainment content. Besides Elvis, the company also owns the rights to the American Idol brand -- via the acquisition of 19 Entertainment -- and has a controlling stake in the licensing business for Muhammad Ali.

    2007 marks the 30th anniversary of Presley's death. CKX will be pulling out all the stops to ensure that young people are aware of the milestone -- as well as what Presley's catalog has to offer. The company operates an interesting business model based on content-rights acquisition. CKX's latest quarterly financial statements show that it is doing well in terms of operational cash flow -- the company booked $46.1 million of net cash from operations for the nine-month period, versus $25 million in the comparable time frame -- but its acquisition activity and capital expenditures didn't leave any true free cash behind. Over time, that could change, as the company's intellectual-property portfolio is monetized.

    How can we extract value for the American Idol part of the business? That is what's been lacking so far from the CKXE gameplan as given to investors. For now all we have to ask ourselves is do we take a chance that someone will put out this stock in a newsletter or in a newspaper and get people excited about the Idol tie in?

    And will CKXE keep going up as the show goes on and on week after week building the audience?...
    Questions, questions, I'm inclined to go for it today.
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    CNBC mentioned CKX Inc(CKXE) as the stock that owns american idol.

    But it seems a bunch of people bought ticker CKX as it rose 13% at the exact same time on huge volume. Potential opportunity to buy CKXE/short CKX??
  8. wow Frozzor great tip thanks. I had this happen once before I think it was Parr Pharm and everyone bought Par Tech hysterical! Will be watching closely today. I've been biding my time waiting for more publicity to hit- just not on the wrong stock! You know this is what happens when you have a really bad symbol- I'm usually punching in some combination of CKXE a few times before finding the stock. Once again message to management change your symbol to IDOL!!!! Or go to the NYSE and get ALI! That's there other big business, or back to the NASDAQ and get KING!!!! They run Graceland too. ~ stoney
  9. Yep. I was watching as they mentioning it, i started laughing because the ticker jumped 20 cents on the background.
  10. Well the word is out sort of. This is the first time the two have been linked since an AOL piece a year ago. This is good. What we really need now is a NY Post mention or IBD to pick it up in it's New America page.

    With Ali's Birthday yesterday it's all the more reason to do a full profile on CKXE. In the old days I used to be able to smell a IBD profile coming but I consumed that paper every day then. Now I hardly ever buy it but I wouldn't be surprised at all. Don't want to get caught not in the trade on this one, but I'm still paying the price at ETrade for overtrading and my sell of WFR this morning needs three days to clear before I can buy. Also I'm watching the show to see if anyone is any good and if it will have huge audience this year. Of course the first shows are just the idiots and talentless - but so far so good. :)
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