American Express lowering credit limits, raising interest rates, canceling accounts

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  1. Thanks for the heads up.

    I haven't talked to them on the phone in ages, had no reason to but I did call last week to tell them I didn't want there g dam planner (whatever $75). Customer service was less than I was used to but they did take off the charge.
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    They are talking about bailing out this piece of shit with taxpayer money.

    American Express plays no vital role in the economy. What happened to capitalism?
  3. Lower my account, lose my account. I have no spending limit on my card, but when I want a vacation and use AE, I don't get any limit hassle. However, if I do encounter one hassle from any new limit, they're gone. I will miss my rewards, but Visa has some nice ones lately with Lufthansa...
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    If you don't have a Black card you are a piker.
  5. Put it this way, hotdog. I grew up poor and made my own money. Small businesses, then trading. Nobody gave me anything. Now I support nine childrens at home and travel every month with them. You tell me how that is possible if I am a piker. I spit on people who make it big and then look down. Are you telling me that your pride is so large you forgot how to relate to people who still know the value of a dollar, mark and yen?

    Miles and More is plenty for me. If I would allow you to visit, I would show you the 1/25th scale 747-400 in my study. A gift from a desk manager in Seatac when they started flying from Seattle this year.
  6. Tell me what good a black card is these days? Everyone already knows about it so it is not like it is really "exclusive" anymore. Plus, what do you get for the $5000 first year and $2500/year fee exactly? With AMEX cutting employees and services left and right I doubt that this card is much more than status symbol if anything else.
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    I'm a salaried stiff hoping his bonus is still coming in December.
  8. Then why the big ego show in your last post?
  9. Thanks for the link, it is pretty eye opening. Up to this point, fortunately I haven't had any issues with them and have been very happy with the service. It appears the vast majority of these posters carry a balance and that is what Amex is having the issue with.
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