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    Democracy in United States of America

    We have seen George W. Bush President of United States give his Union Address speech today speaking about democracy for Middle East. President Bush when will we see democracy for African Americans in your country. When will we see fair treatment for African Americans at your Embassy’s and Consulates.

    I was reading letter on one Muslims forums that was address to President Bush by African American Citizen for his help to marry Saudi citizen my eyes was full of tears to see this brother convert to Islam and have wait for over two years for approval I have to say that we have some bad law’s and people in my government one bad law we have to obtain approval to marry non-Saudi citizen from King.

    Mr. President why its hard for you to help this African American Muslim when you speak about democracy can reason be because he not white but African American and Muslim. Its said Mr. President that you are very close to King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz- Al Saud my question why you fail to help your citizen. I can understand this coming from some people that have close mind in my government not from Super Power like United States when you speak about democracy’s..

    We have seen racism on American Television programs for mean years now we see racism first hand at American Embassy in Riyadh an Consulate in Jeddah. In Saudi Arabia we have some religious people that claim its wrong for Saudi Women to marry Non-Saudi men just as in your country where its said by some people its wrong for African American man to marry white woman. I can say
    King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz , His Royal Highness Prince Abdul Majeed, His Royal Highness Prince Turki AL-Faisal have no knowledge that this African American Muslim being miss-treated in this manner by people in Saudi government.

    I have come to understand that United States Government don’t care about Muslim’s in Middle East nor its American Citizen’s that are Muslims that live in Saudi Arabia or Gulf Area its all a cover for Politics. We as Muslim’s understand this brother had Embrace Judaism an made request American Embassy in Tel Aviv for help to marry Israeli Female there hearts would be full joy to help.

    Being Saudi citizen (Woman )it cause me great pain to see racism in my government when King Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz Al Saud speaking about Islam today. Will we stand next to King Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz Al Saud and say no to racism yes to Sunnah Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

    Copy letter from Muslim forum will be sent in second e-mail.