American Embassy in Yemen under siege

Discussion in 'Politics' started by CaptainObvious, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. Nothing that flame throwers and claymores can't handle.

    I'd make the surviving protesters clean up the mess of their compatriots too.
  2. The current situation shows how nieve the obama administration the democrats truly are.

    If you are nice to them (free them from a dictator) they will be nice back.

    He doesn't grasp that no matter what, they are not going to be good citizens and the only thing most of these people understand or respect is violence.

    Maybe if he conducts another apology tour they will be nice to us.
  3. That might be a good idea, would be too bad if he got lead poisoning while at it.
  4. We are entering the 4th day of this siege against American Embassy's and nothing is being done. Even the Bush administration had the sense to ground the planes when we were attacked.
    We need to lockdown every Embassy in the region. Send in no less than a Company of well armed Marines to each one. Free fire zone for one click around their perimeter. Kill anything that approaches the wall. 24/7 air support if it escalates. One mile radius of carpet bombing if necessary. Tell the good people to stay at home and hunker down cause the shits about to hit the fan. Everyone else can be considered an enemy combatant. We are at war!
  5. Arab spring suddenly became anti american whacking season.
  6. Lucrum


    I thought Obama's VP was a supposed foreign affairs expert.
    Maybe Obama is merely waiting for him to sober up from another multi day bender, so he can consult Biden on what to do.
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    Obama's Response: Well, let's get back on the campaign trail and hope this goes away.
  8. It's just their way of saying thank you.