American Economy and FBI

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  1. George Bush had said "if you harbour terrorist, you are terrorist". Today USA is suffering terribly because USA in harbouring FBI. Everybody should know the truth so I am posting this here.

    I have suffered financial loss of estimated $50 million because of FBI. I had 100% honest, legitimate and respected internet business which was shut down by FBI reckless and idiotic decisions. How many people involved in internet marketing have suffered financial loss because of FBI and law authorities stupid and reckless decisions. FBI and world law have a bad habit of shutting down websites without proper investigations. I agree internet marketing is very attractive for online frauds and crimes but there are many 100% honest people who have suffered financial loss because of world law.

    Why are honest people scared/terrified of FBI and Law?

    Some 6 years back, I was partner (to some extent) with Stormpay. Stormpay was an online payment processor similar to Paypal. Infact Stormpay was better than Paypal. Stormpay would have easily taken over/defeated Paypal in 2 years, if Stormpay would have not been shut down by that idiot FBI.

    I think today millions of Paypal users have some problem with Paypal since I have read hundreds of horror stories about Paypal. I think monopoly has gone to Paypal's head. Paypal would have been kept in check and hundreds of millions of online payment processor customers would have received excellent and low-cost service if today Stormpay would have survived. Stormpay was a better payment processor than Paypal but Stormpay was shut down by the FBI without proper investigations since Stormpay was processing payments for a possibly scam investment company but Stormpay had no knowledge of this scam.

    I doubt Paypal had something to do with shut down of Stormpay because Stormpay would have taken over Paypal in 2 years and today Stormpay would have dominated the online payment industry instead of Paypal. Today many millions of worldwide people are suffering at the hands of Paypal because of reckless and idiotic decisions of the FBI.

    Today, FBI is directly responsible for the sufferings of many millions of people. Because of FBI, my family have suffered extensively for 6 years.

    FBI or USA government should compensate/repay me for my financial loss of $50 million.

    I am seriously angry and I feel like setting the whole world on Fire. My family have suffered extensively for 6 years because of that idiot FBI. Now the whole world will suffer for 30 years and more.
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  3. One of my family members died because of that idiot FBI decisions.
  4. How many complaints are registered against Paypal? There are hundreds of horror stories for Paypal on the internet. Search it.

    Everything was fine with Stormpay until FBI freezed whole Stormpay because they were processing payments for a HYIP known as "12dailypro" which had collected $300 million in 1 year. I agree 12dailypro maybe a ponzi but Madoff had said "the whole USA government is ponzi".
  5. Madoff is Bearice's hero? :confused:

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    A $300 million ponzi scheme is quite serious. The FBI was probably justified in shutting the thing down.
  7. What about $7 Trillion ponzi (10% of world economy)?