American dream = American nightmare

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    With the big increase in crude over the last two days, I was thinking that the American dream may soon become the American nightmare.
    Home ownership ... problem is, many of those houses are a long commute from where the occupant works.

    How do you think this is going to play out? Already, I see a premium price on close-in houses and way-out housing prices coming down. Maybe the money is like water ... got to flow. Cheaper housing = higher commute bills. More expensive housing = lower commute bills.
    Does it all come out in the wash?

    The money's got to go somewhere ... I remember when there was about a $3K tax credit on the Toyota Prius ... went to the dealer to check it out. Surprise! The car is marked-up over MSRP about the same amount as the tax credit!

    Read recently about food for a wedding reception. Couple's bill for the food increased just enough to take most of their economic-stimulus tax rebate. How's that for a surprise?
  2. funny everyone says; these are regular cycles, they come and go

    "every 10 years or so there is a economic downturn like this in America, but everything gets back to normal again"

    we will see, but where is the guarantee that this cycle will not collapse the US economy once and for all

    plus when people talk they don't look at their own life to see if they can afford such economic downturns, even when the country does recover, most people's lives are left paralyzed forever, because in these cycles (that is even if this is a cycle) there are massive amounts of wealth transfers

    I think most people don't realize that the main portion of the world wealth is in the hands of a very small population, and that this gap increases by each passing day

    + Distribution of world GDP, 1989
    Quintile of Population Income
    Richest 20% 82.7%
    Second 20% 11.7%
    Third 20% 2.3%
    Fourth 20% 1.4%
    Poorest 20% 1.2%

    I think Obama will win this election and will fuck America for good, when you ask for change without realizing what that change is going to be, you better be ready for whatever it is
  3. 377OHMS


    American nightmare?

    America is like Ford Motor Company. When people are talking down Ford I'm buying it. I've seen 3 complete cycles where Ford was on the ropes and then came back with great designs and great quality. Its like clockwork. Its my 401-F.

    Go ahead and bet against America. Be sure to post back here to let us know how that worked out for you.
  4. bxptone


    Lol are you serious? Jesus, if you had bet against the dollar since god knows when, you'd be a multi-millionaire.

    If you had bet on America in the stock market and didn't sell, you just lost everything you had made in the past year or so, especially if you were buying on the way up after the initial dip in the summer. And now your getting burned.
  5. can you show us on a chart like this; at what times you bought ford stocks and made enough money that was worth the wait???

    if ford is making anything right now, it is in the income generated from sales in foreign countries, specially third world countries, where people buy ford thinking the piece of shit is worth the price because it's an american car
  6. Sam321


    High gas prices are unacceptable. Period. No no no. America's economy is based on cheap energy and before we can adapt to using less, driving less, conserving more, and becoming pretentious Europeans, our economy will be destroyed and boatloads of American wealth will be lost to the wrong cultures and government systems.

    This is unacceptable. Only new government policies will kill the oil bull, bring stability and confidence in the dollar, stabilize the economy, and protect America's wealth.

    Perhaps we should "persuade" Iraq to announce they will produce 10x the amount by year XX, and that we will be drilling domestically. This would make the Saudis and other OPEC nations produce more in order to maintain their slice in oil sales. The price of oil will fall. By the way, Iraq is also an OPEC nation, but should it still be?

    But the feds are too scared to even ask these questions, let alone formulate them into policy. They just won't "go that way." So, let's sit back and enjoy this painful recession until fresh brains and brawn find their way to the top.
  7. It is over for the middle class. Their destruction has started. It may take a few years to wipe out the middle class, but it is the fall.

    I wouldn't want to be in a huge leverage position with my private finance. Those people are so far fucked it isn't funny.

    This is not the end run in Oil. 200 is around the corner. There is no end in sight for the Dollar. The EU will start to raise rates and the FED is scared to do so. The US stock market is not going to be at 11000, let alone 10000. All indicators point to 8500, if you know what to look for.

    The smoke screen is falling apart.

    Plenty of money to be made.
  8. hey, 4 more years

    what difference will it make? now?, and why blame Obama for Bush-II? your logic lacks any form of practical steps to draw your conclusions you present....

    isn't "this" what (you) wanted in what Bush-II has wrought (a negative term)?

    isn't this what Conservativism, Republicanism, Right/Left wing whatever and other labeling has caused?

    isn't this what his much taunted Leadership and firm on the "issues" has brought?

    and you want more of the same, hey,

    got any more hand baskets, because we're long past going there, we're past "there"!

    now, who will bring us back?
  9. 377OHMS


    Why do people assume Obama will wreck the economy?

    Democrats aren't necessarily bad for the markets or underlying economy, unless their name is Jimmy Carter.

    Looks like GW (whom I voted for) is going to let the economy go to shit while enriching his friends in his last year (kind of like his dad did).
  10. America is already fucked for good. I don't think Obama will be half as bad as W or Macain.
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