American Corruption? Get Real.

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  1. There are some of you on this board that have never managed employees.

    I believe that there is not one corporation with more than 100 employees that is "honest".

    Divisions are expected to perform. The pressure is enormous to lie. If a corporate manager is too honest, s/he will not be in corporate America very long.

    Employees make mistakes. Their division managers are expected to clean it up. To do this it may be neccesary to lie on paper, and sometimes in person. Division managers who do what is needed to keep their departments "clean" rise, they do not fall. Corporations communicate in many ways. Resumes do not come with just credentials, they also come with reputations.

    Take Elliot. He busted balls while busting his balls into call girls. These types never last.

    Again, there is no corporation, and governments are in business mind you, with greater than 100 employees that is totally "honest".

    In fact, there are no married men or women who are totally "honest" either.

  2. My experience over many years is the same as yours.

    I worked for the military industrial complex my whole career and it was really disgusting.
  3. I can spot the younger posters who have never been truly accountable for people beneath them. They do not know what it is like to have people whom you don't know to be considered extensions of you. So when they fuck up, you've fucked up.

    They speak of honesty, and integrity and all of those other relative terms.

    Business and ethics are an oxymoron, in most cases.
  4. The reason I started this thread is to respond and discuss what people here expect from their politicians.

    Obama, Hilliary, and McCain are trying out to be CEO of one of the largest corporations on this planet. It has approximately 300 million employees.

    Now to those who think they are not employees, if you buy anything, anywhere, at anytime in this land, then you work for this land. You have contributed labor for this land. If you are on welfare, then you help to employ a legion of beaurocrats to help those take wealth from those of us who work. If you are in jail, same thing, different name.

    Now if you think that that Obama, Hillary, and McCain got to be here by being girl and boy scouts, then you are igorant of the mechanics of business.

    They have all lied, cheated, and/or stolen to get to where they are.

    What the voter/employee needs to think about is "what can this sack of sh*t do for me?"

    If you are a trader of ANY finanical instrument, you might pay attention to what they have to say about taxation, especially capitol gains.

    There is no nation more free than America, take advantage while you still can.
  5. Lets see,

    Z10, posts that Obama embellished his resume in the About Myself section.

    Hillary embellished her resume when she was supposedly shot at.

    The candidates for CEO of USA,Inc. remain balanced.

    This is a non-event.
  6. achilles28


    So what are we supposed to do? Roll over?

    Ethics and rationality have degenerated over the decades as competition and shareholders have become cut-throat and profit-obsessed.

    Not saying thats wrong. But the new attitude of ownership is perform-or-die.

    Either way, we can't go along to get along.

    There has to be a line in the sand. And if that means taking a lower pay grade or another job. So be it.

    Blowing the whistle and exposing corruption and largess in all its forms is how we change the system. When theres no consequence to accountability, no one is accountable.

    We just all stand in the corner like little sheep, too afraid to speak out.

    Is that how we should live?
  7. Achilles,

    I wish I had an answer for you, but we do live in strange times.

    If a person with a family to feed gets fired for doing the right thing, they then have to prove, in court, that they were fired for doing the right thing.

    They will have to spend money that they do not have for lawyers.
    They will face ostracism from the obvious, and not so obvious places.

    They will get the reputation not being a "team player" which is a corporate death sentence.

    If you are young, and single, or you have a situation where you are working for fun, then morals are easy to employ.

    If you must feed your family, that is another matter entirely.

    In some environments, the mere appearance of disapproval can land you in hot water. People are more than willing to offer you up as a sacrifice to ingratiate themselves to those in power.

    Here, chew on this.
  8. It's a myth that people are worse now than they used to be. The early industrialist, bankers were the definition of cutthroat. Read up on Morgan, Rockefeller, Carnegie and the other so called robber barons. Then go back in history. I think you'll find people have always been the same, when money is on the line we do what it takes to make it and keep it.
  9. Gord posts about "Obama Kool Aid Drinkers"

    He speaks about lies of Obama.

    But I'll bet my five year membership at ET that he can find ONE president who has NEVER been caught in a lie since the media has had the ability to research presidential records.

    That is the nature of the beast, Gord.

    When you get older, perhaps you will recognize this.