American Corporations Hooked on Govt Benefits

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by bullmarket79, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. All to often corporations take advantage of our government. The USA is spending over 3trillion every decade on protecting corporate assets overseas. What ever nation our corporations put their assets those nations can protect that corporations assets, intellectual or othewise. Our corporations write off on their taxes research and development cost here in the USA then transfer those assets to low tax locales.
    If you want your assets, intellectual and real, protected build it here. You recall in the 90s when corporations were begging washington to allow them to invest in china. George Bush had to beg to get that spy plane back the chinese forced down, Walmart got shut down in a city for a couple weeks. Now our corps are like begging washington to do something about them people.
    Our corporations are transferring intellectual property to the chinese government. If corporations are people is that treason? If the property helps build their military is that treason? I dont worry about the chinese economy, they have the one we gave them. MSFT has their property rights transferred to Ireland, low tax locale. Hope their military is up to defending those rights.