American citizen and tax?

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  1. I have three question?

    1-What are ways other than mariage and investment
    to get citizenship? and how long it takes to get green
    2-What is retirement age for US citizen, and what if
    you decide to retire earlier?
    3-If you work in US, but not US citizen, do you have to
    pay tax?

  2. you have to pay tax no matter where you live as a US citizen.

    dont worry about retirement. the govt only pays you very little to nothing.
  3. You have to pay tax if you live in the US.

    It's best not be US citizen if you give a damn about tax.
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    My wife is Costa rican...did that whole thing. there is immigration and naturilization. if you dont can get a work visa...if not, just old fashiond immigration. fill out the forms and stand in line. you can big deal. get a SS# and no problem. helps if you have a work sponsorship.

    Official retirement is 65..whatever that means

    Everyone pays taxes...except for me...i am special!:cool:
  5. I know, let's say most americans pay 28% on avarage,
    and have been paying tax for 40 year (now 65 YO)

    what if you decide to retire earlier, what % of it you
    rean monthly? anyone?
  6. Are you saying if any form sponsor you for work permit,
    you become illegible for citizenship, and how long you
    got to wait to get green card approximatly? what is SS#

    what if you are going to die at age 60? can you retire earlier?
  7. 1) Get a work visa H1-B, wait 2-3 years for Greencard
    2) You can retire anytime you want, but to get Social Security benefit, you need to be over 65, and you have to be paying SS tax for at least 40 Quaters (10 years).
    3) Everyone pay tax in the US except the illegal workers or cash jobs.

  9. ref question two: i 'm not sure if i understand what is
    Social Security? that means no money being wired to
    you on monthly basis.

    And what the guarantee you don't die before reaching 65yo?

    What is the problem with being on cash then? if you are
    certain that your employee pays you every end of month

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