American Christians who do not support Israel are going to hell

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  1. This is not just me saying it... your Bible says so.

    But not supporting Israel, you are defying your Lord and are being anti-American.

    God bless the people of Israel, God's Chosen People.

    May God bless all American troops who have laid down their lives fighting for Israel, and will lay down their lives for Israel when the time to fight Iran comes.

    Jacob Jones Cohen
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    Why don't you show us in the bible where you got that idea.
    I have news for you... the new testament is about a new covenant.

    In the past I more strongly supported Isreal, but when all the liberal groups funded by whom? started denigrating Christians and their beliefs here in the states... I examined where this idea came from. As the liberals have been dismantling the judeo christian foundation of this country the county has sunk. When these liberal groups start supporting judeo christian ideals again, more than just the evangelicals will start supporting Isreal again.
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    And according to Jesus, the only way to the Father is through him. So, that lets out the Jews from getting into Heaven.
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    I believe the Jews had a way to heaven under the previous convenant. Perhaps they still do. Or perhaps they will have accept Jesus as they are dying or on the way to the after life... or at the throne of judgment.

    I tend to think the idea that you must accept Jesus or you go to hell is a bit of sales pitch -- (fear or greed are great sales tools - you do close a percentage of leads - you also lose a few) . It wonder if it should be said that someday soon you will need to accept Jesus, so to be sure you do, you should speak with him now. (but that just me talking -- not sure I have the theological underpinnings to say that is a legit message... but I think it would lead to a much better conversation with some.)
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    I'm not a big Biblical scholar. Just a little Biblical scholar. And, since I'm not God or Jesus, I don't know for sure either way. :D

    But, I do believe there is an afterlife outside the presence of God. If that is Hell or something in between, I don't know. But, I believe that is were most people are going.

    Then there is that whole body, soul and spirit thing and meeting in the clouds. And the statement that not even David is in Heaven. It can get complicated.
  6. Some good replies. Keep em coming.

    May God bless all Israel-loving Americans.
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    Jeez, in So Calif there must be about a hundred people for every Jew but the majority of people I've known that have been complete overbearing demanding assholes are Jews!! I'd go to Israel and spend some traveling $ but forget it, it's a whole country full of Jews!! Sure God has this deal with them and it's going to work out the way it's going to work out, that doesn't mean I have to slobber all over them or give them a pass for horrible behavior, and in light of what the ACLU does on an ongoing basis to the US of A there are other things I'd rather do all over some of them besides slobber :D
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    I've finally figured it out -- you're a disgruntled Muslim trying to make Jews look bad.

  10. This must be how you feel when you're blissfully jacking-off.
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