American cemeteries in Europe

Discussion in 'Politics' started by nutmeg, May 28, 2012.

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    I read somewhere that years ago an arrogant French statesman/politician got mad at a meeting with an American representative and declared that all US personnel should leave the country. The American asked if that meant all US personnel or just the living, or something to that affect. If I remember the story correctly the Frenchman didn't have anything to say after that.
  4. Good thing we fought for England in WWII.

    The English treated American colonists like their personal chattel before U.S. independence (read the Declaration of Independence for the long list of outrages).

    In the War of 1812, their army roamed free in America and burned down the White House.

    In the 1860's, England openly supported the South so that the U.S. would become weakened and divided.

    In World War One, tens of thousands of our troops died to defend England - and very nearly, my Grandpa.

    WWII the same.

    I say the Queen Of England should sell the crown jewels, and the other possessions of the royal peacocks so that the graves of American men and boys can be maintained in perpetuity.