American captain freed

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    I bow to Navy Seals. Beautiful.
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    Yes, kick ass! This looks like a story in progress, not very many details - but it looks like the world's strongest navy has it's sea legs back!
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    The captain gave them the plan, he jumped overboard twice, the first time nobody capitalized on it, the second time it worked.. those pirates must have been pretty high to let him jump out of the boat the second time...

    Pirates in that area are heroes to the people, they live in big houses... they might have to become respectable if this stuff keeps up, I still can't understand the reasoning for not arming the ships...
  4. Merchant marines have not been "armed" for a number of reasons including the fact that captain's don't want to have to go through all sorts of regulatory "check-in" with their weapons whenever they come into a port, or because most crew members do not have extensive military training and would likely be at a distinct disadvantage in an armed conflict. There is also the chance for a huge environmental disaster should a ship be damaged or sunk in a conflict. There are also jurisdictional issues as well. Those are just a few that I can think of off the top of my head.

    Some security forces have been hired by the ships owners, but the majority of the time the owners have simply paid the insurance premiums.

    In the meantime, there are all sorts of "other" technological deterrents available . . . Everything from coating the exterior of the vessel with a slippery substance that works quite well from preventing pirates boarding a ship to a device that emits sound waves that are impossible for people to withstand, thus forcing the pirates to turn back; not too mention using electrical "fencing" around the hull of a vessel, thus electrifying it.
  5. We may never know the exact means used to free him - methods may be needed again in the future, so why give the pirates any helpful tips?

    Kick Ass. Stay Silent.
  6. Agreed 100%

    There was simply no reason for President Obama to have any press conferences during this most difficult situation - - - elevating the pirates to heads of State and giving them some sort of "status" or "credibility" would be a most unfortunate move, and Obama knew it.

    Again, these were not terrorists with a political objective. These were simply thugs; criminals seeking a ransome.

    Well played by the Administration, the Pentagon, the FBI, and everyone involved.

    Happy Easter!
  7. LOL, Pleeze , Barryella said he preferred to talk about Housing when asked about it.
  8. Agreed
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    This is great news. I'm glad I was wrong and Obama did show some leadership here in actually doing something. Very nice.

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